Mar. 1st, 2010

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YEY! We got a gold medal yesterday from the ladies curling. We won against Canada. :D :D :D It's always nice to win against the host-country. And today we got a bronze in the men's cross-country skiing 50 km! YEY!

I watched the Canada - USA hockey game tonight and well, Canada did play the best, but what with three out of four judges being Canadian? There was loads of penalties that should have been given to Canada that never happens. Judges should never be allowed to judge on their own country's games!!

In other news. I have a week's break now. Good times. I'm at my parents now, and on Tuesday I'll go o Linköping to visit my boyfriend and stuff and stay there for the rest of the week. Next week we'll be touring with our plays, starting with my old school in Norrköping, which feels great! A bit nostalgic to be back there for a day. :D

And, here are some pics from the play I'm in. We're doing two plays, with half of us in each, or one guy's in both, since one guy in my group quit like two weeks ago. Sadly I don't have any pics from the other play, since my dad took the pics from mine and then he went home and I forgot to take my camera with me.. But yeah. Our play is named Standard Selection, which is a brand of whiskey, that sadly aren't being sold anymore.. haha. But yeah. The play is all about acting. Our scenery is clean with nothing but seven chairs, seven suitcases, three blinds and some coat hangers for our change of clothes. We're all on stage during the whole play, and we're all wearing clothes in greyscale. The play is set during 30 years, so there's a lot of aging going on, and since we're all on stage nothing of that comes out with make-up, just with our acting and maybe change of clothes. So yeah, it's a great play and it has been so much fun to work with. Even though it's been really though on me. I've been crying a lot and have had a lot of self-doubt. But I'm so proud of all of us and of myself, we have put so much work and effort into it. ♥ So yeah, here's some pics!

pictuuuuures )

I've been reading some blogs written by people being in Japan... And I really miss Japan so much right now. I have some vague plans of how to get back there to stay for at least a year, but that's a few years in the future, which is saddening. XD

Ok. I started this entry hours ago, but something happened to photobucket and stuff, so I had to rewrite what I had been writing about the Olympics. haha.

How are you guys? I'll try to be around much more from now on! :D


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