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 Ok. So I haven't written anything for a looong while and now this comes out. Sorry, but UGH! 
So, I watched the latest ep of Glee just now. And it really made me so mad. There is something called propaganda. And that's what this ep felt like for me. If Kurt would have gone and said that he believed in god at the end I would have puked and never watched that show again.

Everyone has the right to their own faith. I have nothing to say about that. Of course everyone has, it's a human right. A right that I'm willing to fight for in this country when the sweden democrats wants to forbid the building of mosques and other "un-swedish" buildings. 
But what I do not support is getting someone's faith up in your face telling you that I AM RIGHT PRAISE THE LORD!! I strongly oppose this kind of christian propaganda. I think that faith do play an important role in people's lives. It gives meaning and hope to people. But religion and christianity in particular has enslaved and murdered people for centuries, all in the name of god and that is disgusting. I have a really strange relationship to faith. Sweden is a country which inhabitants mostly are christians, but not many are really religious. It's just a set of traditions for most people, something that doesn't really mean anything to most of us in a spiritual way. And maybe that's why I react so strongly to this episode. We do not have that in Sweden. That would have been highly criticed if this was a swedish televisionshow. It surprises and angers me when a famous TV-show watched by maaaaany people tries to make you believe in something you don't believe in. Because even if Kurt didn't end up an devoted christian, the message this episode sent out was very clear. TV should not do that. And yes, I know that American television his highly  angeld and all that, especially some particular tv channels, at least from what I've read in studies and such, but to actually put this kind of thing into a tv show for young people???? Please kill me NAOW!

And I really love Glee, eventhough it's filled with old gender roles and all sorts of cheese and what not... But I LOVE it and now next ep have to be that much better so that I can go back to loving it. Or I just watch the Gaga ep over and over and that will surely bring back the looooove. XD

Ok. Need to go to bed. I might just be taking this down later when I read it again and realize my tired head english grammar is making me not making my point clearly. Which I fear I really couldn't. XD
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