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2010-10-27 02:57 am
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This fall has come with a lot of changes. New house, new city, new class, new oppurtunities. I deal with stress on a daily basis and it doesn't always work out that well. But I'm getting better at it, we're all getting better at it. And next week is our autumn break! :D Friday I'm going to M to have a fangirling weekend. There will be 8UPPERS of course, and then dramas, Long Vacation, Liar Game and kiswak as we call it, the korean version of it started with a kiss (tw) or itasura na kiss (jp). *____* I just can't wait. Also there might be some sushi eating? And defenitely a lot of teadrinking and popcorn eating if I know us right. XD

Then there will be a whole week of being with boyfriend. :D We haven't seen each other in a month by then, which is the longest yet, and ugh. Long distance relationships do suck sometimes. I'm comforting myself with thinking that hey, he wouldn't be happy if he lived here and I wouldn't be happy if I lived there! But sometimes I just wish the distance was just a little shorter. It does make me bitter sometimes, like when someone who's living with their partner is all T___T about being apart for the weekend. I just want to go >___< Fuck You!

Anyways, on Sunday we've been a couple for 1,5 years. Which is completely crazy. It has gone by so fast. This is my longest relationship ever, and it seems to be a lasting one. It still surprises me every now and then. XDDD

Anyways. I've been living here in Norberg since August and this really is a lovely little place. There is so much beautiful nature around here and it's full of old mines here, there used to be a huge iron industry, and there are old, waterfilled open casts everywhere.

Recently I've been on loads of walking since I use walking as a way to deal with my urges to smoke. I quit smoking just over two weeks ago, and it's going well, but sometimes I get all prickly and take walks instead of taking out on one of the poor souls I'm living with. Anyways, there are loads of beautiful sites here, and I have pics! :D
Piiiiiics )

Ok. This is all I think. I really need to try to get some sleep. XD

How are all of you? :D

Oh also, I'm writing this from dreamwidth right now. Yey for crossposting! :D I got all D: about LJ being an ass and got DW too. :D So please do add me there if you have an account! I'm at dansdansdans.dreamwidth.org Ugh. I need to get some semagic-like thing for DW though.

Anyways. Sleep. :D

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2010-10-16 04:44 am

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I watched the PV. I am completely in love and I want to watch the movie nownownownow!!!

But I'm waiting to watch it with a friend on the 29th so I'll be staying away from spoilers until then. Probably the first time ever! XD

As for real life, we're working on a production which will be done in front of a test audience on wednesday and there's still some things left to do, but I think we can sort it all out. This week we've been writing scenes and trying them out on stage. :D It has been soooo nice to be able to be working with nothing but the production for the whole week and YEY! it's turning out really well and I'm crazy excited. This weekend I plan to get all my lines down so I won't have to have my script with me all the time and so that I won't panic on Monday when I realize that I'll need to get it down by Wednesday. XDDD
This is our first paid job and jdkshfdkjsaö excited! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

And today we had radio-ad-lib-acting. It's so much fun and in the end of November we'll be doing a real broadcast and it's just soooo much fun and yeah, I'm crazy excited!

The stress is getting better. I seem to handle it a bit better lately. I think it has a lot to do with us doing some actual artistic work and not all of that other organization stuff that we've been doing so much of lately. YEYYEY!

Also, I finished Pride yesterday, and I loved it! I do get a little O__o about all the talk of men are like this and women are like that, but I can kind of cope with it when it's jdramas. XDDD

I should sleep now, but I slept in the afternoon and ruined my sleeping schedule again. Fail. XD

Anyway. I'm going to watch some drama instead. :D
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2010-10-12 08:44 pm

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Fall is here and it's getting colder and colder. I love walking in the heaps of fallen leaves and I love wearing mufflers and beanies and yeah. I took a walk tonight, a small road I've never walked before. I met a girl on a horse. The girl was fiddling with her cellphone while riding. Isn't that just a little too obsessed? XD

Anyways. I live in the countryside for sure, we have a horse paddock next to our yard and well yeah. And while I was walking tonight I walked past all these really lovely little houses. It was already dark outside so I didn't see that much, but I saw was lovely. One day I'm going to get myself a house like that in the middle of nowhere. Once I feel like I could actually settle for more than a few years in the countryside that is. XD

The housewarming this weekend was lovely. There was a lot of people and dancing and just the right amount of drinks and yeah. ♥ A friend of mine, one of the girls in Teater H has a friend who have been to Japan. She was there the same time as I, she went to the same school, had the same teacher and knew the same people as me. But we never met while being there. But now we see each other here, in the middle of nowhere. It's really such a small world sometimes. XD

We're working with acting all week this week, and it feels like such a luxuary to not be in school for three days and learning about all the other stuff we need to know to keep a company running. Now we're doing nothing but creative work and I love it to no end! We've been writing scenes all day yesterday and half the day today. Tomorrow we'll have a workshop in forumteater, I tried looking for the english word and apparently it is, or is a part of "Theatre of the Oppressed". I had no idea. XDDD But yeey!
We will work on stage all day tomorrow and that haven't happened for ages. At least it feels like it. I am excited! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Also, I started watching yet another Kimura drama today. Pride. ♥ I love Kimutaku-dramas! :D Ok, I've only seen two before this one. But I think I can still say I love his dramas! XDDDD

Ok. Now, some more hot!Kimura, then shower, then bed. :D
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2010-10-07 03:21 pm


What?! Two updates in two days?! Now, what is this? XD

I'm home from school today. I keep waking up in the mornings feeling like shit and without having been able to sleep all night and I miss out on school and feel bad about it and even more stressed and it's all just a bad cycle. >__< I am so annoyed. XD

But, at least all of us in Teater Hysterica are at the same page now, and we realized that we can't work like we've been doing because we're gonna work ourselves into the ground if we keep going like this. It's just that there's so much to do with starting up a company and all the paper work that comes with that, and then there's also the work we've got that needs to be done somehow and with three days a week with actual school where we learn about running a company, and organisations and projects and what not and then there's only two days left for us to work on everything we need to do plus the artistic parts, so yeah. Under constant stress. XD I do feel like we're beginning to find our ways to not let the stress consume us, and I'm really thankful for that, but we're not close to there yet. Once we've started our company and sent in all those papers to everywhere, then things will settle down a little, I'm sure.

In other news we're having our housewarming party this Saturday. :D Ok, so we moved in in August, so a tad bit late, but it's really difficult to find a weekend that works for 9 people. XD

And I just can't wait for the album to come out. There's no chance for me buy it for a few months, and it HUUUURTS but I will buy it when I can afford it and until then, there will be shiny dls! XDDD And jfidöghls tour! I really haven't flailed about anything since I've been so absent! But OMG I'm so excited! Of course it hurts not to being able to go to the cons, but at least there are cons and it's their 2nd countdown in Osaka and there surely will be a lovely DVD of it and fancams and lovely goods and jfksldhfkjdsöa *__________________________*
And there is Maru!drama!!! *________* I love him in dramas and he should be in them more and there's also Nino and that should be fun! I haven't watched anything with Nino in it since I watched Stand Up! ages ago. :D :D :D :D

Speaking of dramas. I've been all kinds of obsessed with Kimura lately because ehum. How can you not? And I watched this lovely drama called "Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi" and I loved it. It was really dark and it made me go all T_______T loads of times. But I also really, really enjoyed it. Kimura is hot like a jfkdshföjsdöka and there is something about him. It's not strange that he's as popular as he is because my god! *_____*
So, a question. Have you, dear f-list, watched any dramas with Kimutaku, and if you have, recommendations?!

Me and M have decided to see each other once a month now to have fangirling weekends of awesome! We're meeting up on the 29th-30th and we're watching Pacchi, Long Vacation (kimutaku), kiswak (our short for korean version of it started with a kiss), and something more.. Don't remember, but yet another drama.. That I was supposed to dl. What was it?! XDDD
But yeah, I'm excited! I'm in a drama-frenzy right now and the two of us came into Johnny's through dramas, and there is just soo so so so much to watch. :D :D :D YEAH!

Ok. I have things to do for Japanese class. Nothing really difficult, but I'm so behind so I keep putting it off. XD

See you~
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2010-10-07 12:57 am

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 Ok. So I haven't written anything for a looong while and now this comes out. Sorry, but UGH! 
So, I watched the latest ep of Glee just now. And it really made me so mad. There is something called propaganda. And that's what this ep felt like for me. If Kurt would have gone and said that he believed in god at the end I would have puked and never watched that show again.

Late night angry religion-talk. Might not be coherent, it is late. XD )

And I really love Glee, eventhough it's filled with old gender roles and all sorts of cheese and what not... But I LOVE it and now next ep have to be that much better so that I can go back to loving it. Or I just watch the Gaga ep over and over and that will surely bring back the looooove. XD

Ok. Need to go to bed. I might just be taking this down later when I read it again and realize my tired head english grammar is making me not making my point clearly. Which I fear I really couldn't. XD
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2010-08-27 12:59 pm
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My life is everywhere.

I keep failing at updating and I blame it all on school. I got so much to do all the time, and when I don't I have no energy for anything. There is so much floating around in my head right now.

Anyhow, school started in the 16th and the first week was mostly introduction and stuff. We also got computers from school so now I have two laptops! XD We already had loads of meetings with our group the first week and it keeps getting more and more busy. But we do have a name now. We're Theater Hysterica. I love the name to no end and it's a name that stands out so.. ♥
Last week was also the last week of my vampire summer course and I kept procrastinating and wrote the paper on Sunday and it was finished about an hour before it needed to be handed in. Also there was some friend who went to the same school as us visiting last weekend so there was people everywhere. XD

This week has been full of meeeeetiiiiiiings! So we're doing a project for "the culture nights" in two different cities. And we worked out an idea of putting up a big, blank canvas in a park together with brushes and paint and ask people to paint whatever they want and then about one hour before our performance the five of us in Hysterica and two musicians will go there and look at the painting (that hopefully won't be all white) and talk about the impressions we get from it and then create a performance of it. It's all improvisation and really, really scary, but it can also be really, really great. The first performance will be on the 18th, and I already had plans with my family, so I won't be there and it really hurts!! >__< But I'll be there on the 24th.
But there is loads and loads of stuff to do before that, and we only have three weeks left to do it. I'm in charge of getting the permission to perform and stuff and I really hope it'll all be smooth because if not we might end up not being able to finish the project. But it's all exciting!

Aside for that project we have classes about buisness and time and communication and inbetween all of that we're having meetings. Next week will send in our registration of our company and then it'll take a few weeks before we're all registered and actually have a company. But OH MY GOD SCAAAAARYYYYYY! XD But we need to get it done soon because in November we're doing forumtheatre for people in college that will be filmed and used at Uppsala uni in class and for research. The theme is genus and it'll be really interesting to start working with it once we have had our meetings with the uni.

And also our teacher from actingclass want us in a cabaret that will have it's premiere on New Year's Eve and then be played 10 weekends afterward. Henry, our old teacher, will direct us, but we will write the numbers for it. It's all really exciting, even though I'm a little sad not to celebrate New Year's with my old friends as usual. XD

Also there is this place called Nya Lapphyttan, which is a recreation of a medieval blast furnace (?), actually of one of the oldest in the world and they want us to present some ideas for maybe dramatized guidings or big productions at the sights and stuff. It feels so crazy, because we already have three offers for work and we've been here for two weeks! XDD I'm so excited and going this entrepreneur course gives us the opportunity to learn about everything having to do with owning a company and to make a name of our group so we can work with what we love full time. I'm very optimistic right now! :D
But there is nothing but meetings and planning going on right now and my head is soooo tired of just thinking. XDDD Finally we have 1,5 hours of ACTING next Friday. XD We need it right now! :D

Right now I'm on a train going to see my boyfriend and then tomorrow his mother has her birthday-party-thingie. She's turning 50. And I'll meet all the relatives for the first time and I reeeaaaally don't want to! >__< But I'm sure they're all nice and that they will like me and all that. . . . . Right? XD

Starting Monday I've decided to keep up with LJ properly. I'll even write it up in my schedule! XDDD

Oh! One more thing, next week my distance japanese lessons will start. I had a look at the book the other day, which I thankfully was able to dl instead of buying, and it's like, the basics of the basics and waaay to easy for me at this point. But oh well. I think that's good so that I won't be slumped with work from that too. XD

OK. So over to some Eito! If you don't want spoilers, don't click! XD

I was planning to do the eitomeme and the other meme I've seen around lately now too, but this is getting really long and I need to finish some things for school before the train arrives in Linköping.

I hope you all will have a lovely weekend! ♥
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2010-08-14 12:35 pm
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I'm all moved in, and finally today I got everything in order. Now there's a lot of cleaning to do, since it wasn't cleaned properly when I got here, and all the running around with boxes and stuff has gotten it even more dirty. So yeah..

Yesterday I got up at 4AM to finish my final paper for the buddhism course. I'm not sure that it really turned out that great, but I think I should pass at least. And that's all I'm aiming for in that course.
As for the vampire course the final paper need to be finished on the 20th, and I'm hoping to get it at least half done tomorrow and then I can relaaaaaax! XD

I also need to buy stuff so bad right now for the kitchen, and I am broke so no such fun for me. >__< Oh well. I hope my study loans will be here soon. I haven't gotten it solved yet and I can't really go without money for a lot longer. UGH!

But oh well. I am excited about my room. It lookes lovely, I'm so pleased with it. As for now there's no door to my room, which is mildy annoying, and they said that the doors would be up before we move in. But apparently they have ordered doors and they should be here to put it up in the near future. Right now I'm all alone in my apartment so it's not really a problem, but tomorrow my friend is moving in and with the bathroom next to my room I'll probably be woken up if she needs to go in the night.
Also I forgot to look for my curtain-rod so now I have no curtains in my room and I have two windows and in the afternoon the sun is shining in and making it really hot in here. XDDD

As I said I went up really early and yesterday I lay in bed watching SYTYCD season 4 and then I got sleepy and was just taking a nap. I didn't wake up until 6.30 this morning. I think I fell asleep around 19.00. XDDD So I'm well rested, that's for sure! :D

I'm so excited for Eito on MS! ♥ I WANT TO WATCH NOW! I just hope that I have decent internet by then.. Right now I'm using my mums mobile internet that I borrowed from her before moving and well, it's nice to have internet, but it keeps on logging off and being stupid and ugh!!

Oh well. I just wanted to talk a little about my new place! There will be pictures once everything is cleaned. :D
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2010-08-09 12:26 pm
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Going home to my parents in a few hours. Been packing like crazy since morning because I never got around to it. OMG how do I have so much stuff! I though I would need my suitcase and like, two boxes, but NO, there's 4 boxes, and one small box and a ridiculous amount of bags and GAAAH! I mean seriously, I have no idea how everything will fit when moving!!!! >__<

Also, I'm going back to my parents and need to take a shower and leave some books at the library and I really need to get moving instead of just sitting here doing nothing. XDDD

God. This will be the moving from HELL! >___
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2010-08-08 07:09 pm
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Today is a very special day! :D

First thing first! HAPPY MUGENDAY/EITO DAY! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
To celebrate this special day I have an old and lovely pic!

I've been a fan now for 3 years I think and they never fail to inspire me. I've been so lucky as to see some great things live. Mitei Ichi, 818, 08 spring tour, FFF, J ROCK... And their cons have always been lovely and has made me so so so happy and I love them for that. I love them for everything they give to us fans all the time. ♥ Thank you! ♥

In other news, I'm moving in two days. I need to pack everything I have spread around the whole apartment until tomorrow, when I'm going back to my parents house where I have the rest of my stuff. Then me and my dad are packing, or me and mum will be packing, since dad still can't carry much after his surgery, and then me and dad will go back to Linköping and going to IKEA to buy some stuff and then we're going here to my boyfriend's to pick him and the rest of my stuff up and then we'll be driving up to my new house. It's about 2 hours from my parents to here, and then about 3 hours more, when not having a trailer attached to the car. So Tuesday will be a loooooong day. XD
And I'll try to convince my mum to lend me her mobile internet, since I won't have internet up there just yet. I hope I'll have internet around the 26th or so, but you never know. Anyway, if I don't have that with me, there will be problem with finishing my summer courses. XDDD

So yeah. Loads of things that need to be done before tomorrow, and I haven't even started yet. UGH!

But hopefully I'll be able to get an IKEA HANDLA, which means that I can buy now and pay later and that means I actually can buy the things I need! Fingers crossed! :P

So anyways, I might be away from here for a while. I guess that right now it won't make any difference, since I've been kind of away for a while already. XD But yeah. Wish me luck with my moving! XDD
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2010-07-27 01:30 pm

Help needed!

Ugh. My book on japanese religions still haven't gotten home and it's not even sent yet and this is making me worry. I need to have it this week or else I'm completely screwed as far as my religion course goes. >___<

As for the other course, I would need some help. I'm doing a paper on how fanfiction develops the universe of a story. I'll be comparing True Blood fanfics and I keep on searching for a fic to use. I want Godric/Eric since I want to use something that isn't that developed in the series and I want a fic, preferably a multichapter that is first of all, a good one, and that doesn't only concist of sex. It can be NC-17 rated as long as there's more to it then sex. I want to show hoe fanfiction develops characters beyond what we get in the series. So, is there anyone on my flist who have read any good Godric/Eric fics that you could rec to me???

I need to get started on this now. I want it to be done before I move since I don't know when we'll have internet there...

Ok. Onto some eito. More meme! :D

day 15, 16, 17, 18 )

In other news I have to go to IKEA and have a car with me, because I'm buying a big ass bookshelf. And there's more stuff I'd like to buy, but I'm not sure I can afford it. Ugh money. >__<

Oh well. Onto searching for good fics.
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2010-07-25 12:35 pm
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Hello lovelies! XD

I keep failing at posting and commenting. I'm sorry. I made a lot of new friends lately and then I'm hardly around. I do read what people write. I just utterly fail at commenting and writing anything myself. XDDD

My life right now is all about studying. I'm doing two summer courses, one about vampire stories and one about buddhism and japanese religions. The vampire one I have one more thing to write, and I'l be reading True Blood fanfics and write something about how the world of TB expands through fanfiction and stuff. So yeah, I get to read fanfic as a part of school.
As for the other course, I'm still waiting for a book about japanese religions to get here and I'm kind of screwed when it comes to the next assignment, since that's supposed to be done by Tuesday and the book, which I need to read before that havent even been shipped. Stressful indeed!!

So these past few weeks I've been for a week or so at my parents taking care of their dog while they was on vacation in Tunisia and swimming a lot and getting a nice tan and stuff.
I've been back at my boyfriend's for about a week now and have done nothing but trying to study and make my money last until I get money again. We survived, but barely. XD I only buy organic food, which is much more expensive than non-organic and I suck at holding on to my money, so it's been a interesting few weeks. XDDDD

I'm soon moving to our house, and I'm SO looking forward to it! I still have things to buy, and I barely have any money, but oh well. I'm looking forward to getting up there and putting stuff up on the walls and such. I need to buy a frame for my eito ranger poster! ♥

Oh well. On to the Eito meme! XD

day 11, 12, 13 and 14 )

Ok I need to read something about japanese religions so I could at least act like I know a little about it on Tuesday. Wish me luck? XD
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2010-07-14 02:56 pm
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 So, I've been away from LJ for a few days and this news comes out!!! *_________* I AM SO EXCITED! A BAND SONG! A ROCK SONG! *_________* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!


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2010-06-30 01:22 pm
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So. My small hometown, Hultsfred used to have the biggest music festival in Sweden. For a few years everyone went to Hultsfred, and then it kind of started to go downwards. But they've been managing at least, and they had an awesome line of artists this time around, finally they didn't go for the huge artist that no one wants to see and who costs loads to get there.
It was supposed to take place next week. But yesterday they announced that they won't be having the 25th anniversary festival. The festival announced bankruptcy since they would not be able to hold the festival with only 5000 bought tickets. Last year there was 22 000 and now 5000. I'm in shock. The first festival was 1986, the year I was born and I been going since I was 10, except for when I was in Japan during the festival. And now it's all over. I can't belive it. This festival has played a huge part in Sweden music history, and now it's over. I didn't think it would get to me in the way it has, but it did. When I was a teenager living in Hultsfred, music was the one thing that meant the most to me and the festival was the one thing that got me around in that awful smalltown and it's great how such a tiny place like that could make such a huge festival. Today I mourn it. If we had only known last year that it was the last year. Or maybe it was good that we didn't, I don't know. But.. It hurts. I just hope that Rockparty, the organizers won't get any troubles with their school and all of that they have built in Hultsfred. Because if that die, there will be no new, young people moving to Hultsfred and it will slowly die out. I don't live there anymore, and I really don't want to, but it's my hometown and I want it to live. A sad day.

And this is the day of the eito release! SO not ok to feel like this today! XD My singles have been sent and I'm looking forward to get them here! :D I haven't watched Prologue of Patch yet, that the lovely [livejournal.com profile] airairo posted today. I will as soon as this is written down. Then hopefully my mood will get better!

And other good news, I got the contract for the house we're hiring this fall! Exciting! :D I can't wait to move in!! *_____*

Now, off to watch eito stuff and cheer up! :D

EDIT: This made me lol so hard! Oh twilight fans! Twilight tattooes
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2010-06-27 08:43 pm
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day 10 - A Hina picture you can't take your eyes off

Ok. Seriously, there's obviously WW stuff out, so where is the downloads! I'm so dying to watch all of it and I can't because ugh!
And the pics I've seen and the video on YT without sound and kfsldjfklödsjhfskdöhfdkjcöö6kza this will all be so awesome it hurts!! GIVE MEEEEEEEE!!!!!

In other news. I finished Interview with the Vampire today. For those who don't know I'm doing this summer course about vampire stories and I love it. Except for having to both read AND watch Twilight. XDDD I get to watch True Blood, which I love, and Buffy and other funny stuff and also read loads of great books! So I'm really excited about all this! :D

And this weekend was Midsummer. Do people celebrate midsummer around the world or is that a swedish thing? Anyway, I went to a friend from school's house and we had a barbeque and stayed up until 5AM just chatting and dancing and drinking and it was all kind of awesome. Sadly, I was outside most of the night and mosquitos love my blood to no end, so I now have mosquito bites all over, eventhough I used mosquito protection made of tar!! >__< Oh well.

Today I'm walking around in my underwear and sweating and drinking wine. haha. Quite a good day! :D

Hm. Yeah. That's about it! XD
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2010-06-24 11:57 am
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I'm keeping up!

day 09 - Favorite Kanjani 8 PV

I do love all of their PV's, but this one is just too cute! And there is Yasu!bee and all kinds of awesome! *_________*
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2010-06-23 08:48 pm


Hi again! I keep failing at updating. But oh well. XD Here comes the eito meme, the 7th day that I accidentally cut out before. haha.

day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)

その身体も その心も 全てボクに見せてくれ
Sono karada mo sono kokoro mo subete bokuni misetekure
That body and that heart, show me it all.

風の朝も 雨の夜も その手を離さないで
Kaze no asa mo ame no yoru mo sono te wo hanasanaide
Even on windy mornings and/or on rainy nights, do not let go of that hand.

Futari dakega egaku sekai e
The world that only the two of us pictures...

Itsuka tadori tsukeru toki made
Until the time we finally reach it, one day.

From Misetekure, translation and lyrics from HERE, I love this song so much, it has been one of my favs from the start and it still is. ♥ These lyrics simply speak to me. ;D

And now to something completely different. For my new friends, I've been going to an acting school for this past year, school ended at the end of May and yeah, I've been spamming with pics from our performances. But not from the last one. So, I figured that now it's time. XD
The play is named Hysterica (means uterus in latin) and we wrote it ourselves. It's set in 2010 but in a world were we have lived in a matriarchate for 3000 years or so, instead of the patriarchy we're living in today. The story evolves around three different groups, one priest family (where I was one of the daughters), a working class family and a gang of criminals. There is a lot of things going on there. The priest beats her husband, the wife in the working class family isn't working and drinks waaay too much, the gang has just done some huge bank robbing and someone got shot and yeah.
In the middle of all this is Jonathan, boyfriend of one in the gang and son of the working class family. He eventually gets raped, by the two priest children sisters. and yeah. It was an awesome play and I loved doing it. And there are better pics than the ones I'll show you, but sadly I don't have them on my computer. So uhm, there's loads and loads of pics. Be warned! XD And for you new friends, I'm the one in brown trousers and a green tanktop. XD Also, be warned, there is nudity! XD

Pictures~ )

Also! I got two pairs of new glasses the other day. I love both of them to pieces! So pictures of them too~ XDD

Glasses~ )

Anyone who got all the way down, thanks! haha.

Now I better start cleaning up here a little. XDDD
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2010-06-18 11:35 pm

I faaaaaail!

So yeah, I am doing the eito meme, but not right now. . . . I fail. XD

But yeah, I'll be going to some friends tomorrow to, well, spend the whole day in front of the TV. Tomorrow is the wedding of our crown princess and her Daniel and well. I'm not a big fan of the monarchy and all, but I like her and I want to see all the glitter and glamour. XDD I don't know how I'm going to explain me watching this to my parents because me and my mun are always arguing about the monarchy, I think we shouldn't have one, and she thinks we should.
Anyway, the wedding is huge deal here in Sweden. I almost have no people around me who really likes the royal house, so I was kind of of the idea that that was how people all over Sweden feels. But apparently not. There has been loads of stuff about the wedding all over the newspapers and TV and there's loads of things being sold. Wedding chocolate, wedding sweets, wedding china, big pictures of them, calendars and what not. And yeah, TV will be sending live from the wedding and all around it for 16 HOURS tomorrow! Apparently the royal house is far more important than the World Cup here. XDD

And I haven't watched the SCP perfs yet. Need to do it.

And uhm, just saying that I might be away for a few days. I might be going home to my parents on Sunday to stay there for a few days to clean out old stuff and yeah.

But, I hope to be around a little at least!

Love you all! ♥
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2010-06-15 01:09 am

Hi~ :D

First thing first, Hi New friends! I fail for making new friends and then not posting a thing! XDDD

Anyway, I'm Therese, 24 years old, Swedish.. I've been studying acting for a while and now me and some people from my class are starting up a theatre group and we've rented a house to stay in beginning this fall and it will be all kinds of awesome and we'll be doing great things. :D We're going to be studying at the same time, a culture entrepreneur-thingie to help us start our business and deal with money and apply for money and things like that. So that's my plans for the future.
As for now I'm having a summer break, and instead of working I'm studying some courses on distance at different universities. One is about Buddhism and stuff, haven't started that one yet. And the other one is about vampires!!! I have to read and watch Twilight, but other than that, it's awesome!! I've read Dracula and watched Coppola's movie and now I'm ugh, reading Twilight and yeah.
Enough, so, my journal is all about eito and whining about my life. XD I have been really bad at updating for a while since we were working day and night for our premieres at school. But now I'm planning to update and be around loads more. :D
Oh, and if there's anything you want to ask me, just go ahead! :D

Anyways, I missed a few day of the meme, so, have a few at the same time! :D

day 01 - Favorite Kanjani8 song
day 02 - A rumor about any of the members that left you an impression
day 03 - A Yoko picture you can't take your eyes off
day 04 - Favorite song cover (sung by any member)
day 05 - Favorite Janiben Moment
day 06 - Favorite Member Engrish day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)
day 08 - A Ryo picture you can’t take your eyes off day 09 - Favorite Kanjani 8 PV
day 10 - A Hina picture you can't take your eyes off
day 11 - A Kanjani 8 member moment that makes you laugh your ass off
day 12 - Member/s wearing the Wackiest outfit you’ve ever seen
day 13 - Favorite Kanpani Moment
day 14 - A dream you had with a Kanjani 8 member, in great detail
day 15 - Favorite Kanjani 8 Quote (except from songs)
day 16 - An Okura picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 17 - The first Kanjani 8-related drama you thought of the moment you read this
day 18 - Fave OTP or Member-Ai moment
day 19 - A Maru pic you can’t take your eyes off
day 20 - A Fanwork (made by you or others)
day 21 - A picture of your Kanjani 8 Stuff
day 22 - Whatever tickles your fancy
day 23 - Chibi Kanjani 8 picture
day 24 - A Subaru picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 25 - Favorite Kanjani 8 Solo
day 26 - Favorite Concert DVD
day 27 - A Yasu pic you can’t take your eyes off
day 28 - Favorite Live Performance
day 29 - Favorite Group photo
day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy

day 04 )

day 05 )

day 06 )

day 08 )

Hm. I just realized I have accidentally put out nr 7, but oh well. Too lazy to fix it now. Will do day 08 tomorrow. :D

I should go sleep now. XD

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2010-06-10 08:25 pm


Listening to Nine Inch Nails. ♥

Anyways, memetiiiime!

day 03 - A Yoko picture you can't take your eyes off )

Today I went to the optician because my glasses broke a few moths ago or so, and I have only been using contacts since and they're running out and yeah. I got two pairs, they had this thing that you get the 2nd pair for half the price, and the store in itself is reaaaally cheap so yeah. I got one pair that was kind of big and grey and one pair that was purple-pink-darkred and had shiny flowers on the side. haha. XD They will be done in about 7-10 days. I can't wait! :D I reeeaaally liked both of them and it'll be nice to have two pairs so I can wear glasses according to how I'm feeling. :D

Also yesterday I went downtown to get some books at the library (which I never did until today haha) and to get a pair of shoes for the summer. haha. I got three, but utterly cheap ones. XD And I bought this wonderful wineglasses, six of them, pink, but just like, a tinge of pink.. uhm, don't know how to explain it, but yeah. They are loooovely! :D I also got some pens and a writing book and a tiny brush for a little painting project I'm doing this summer. :D I love that I'm allowed to buy things for the house I'm moving in to this fall and stuff like that, because I have neeeeds when it comes to shopping, and if it can't be clothes, then it has to be something else. XD

Oh, have I told you here that me and the others from the acting group we're forming are renting a house together? We'll have a big yellow house with horses and forests as our neighbours and we'll create the most awesome stuff together in our house! XDDD

Hm. This got long. And I'm not on my laptop because it refuses to have internet, so I don't have uhm, the thing I use to write in LJ with.. Uhm. How do I make cuts now? XD
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2010-06-09 11:44 am

Eito memeeee~

I'm loving this meme so much! :D

day 02 - A rumor about any of the members that left you an impression

I wasn't around when all the big thing happened with Uchi being suspended and things like that.
So the rumour that left an impression on me was when the Drunk!Subaru rumour came out and his FuraFura cons was taken down from johnnys net for a few hours. I was at home all day, and when I saw that it was taken down I got all T____T, yes, I actually cried. I was so afraid of what was going to happen and I don't have any distance what so ever when it comes to eito so yeah.. XD

I'm so happy that the cons got back up the same day, because just those few hours kind of killed me. XDDD

I preordered the singles today! I have a shopping-stop on myself right now, but Eito has to be an exception and I got my tax-money yesterday so... XD
I'm so excited! And so happy to have the time for proper fangirling this time. The only time I had that for a long time was for the Countdown DVD, otherwise I've been so head up in work all the time. Now I will take my time to really just watch calmly and all. :D :D :D

Also, my summercourse about vampires starts on Monday and I'm excite~d! :D I'm reading Dracula right now, and I'm wondering why I haven't read it before. It's awesome. Except maybe for the fact that all the women are kind of really frail and blabla. But it was written by a man in the 1890's so I guess that's what to expect. XD
I need to go to the library today to get the rest of the books for this course and also the books for the other course about buddhism in Japan and religion in Japan and stuff. :D

How are all of you today?! :D