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Just ten more episodes left of PoT. Oh god! What will we do after that??
We're at the semi-finals at the Nationals.
I LOVE the Osaka team! Not as much as Seigaku of course, but I still love them. Even in anime there's something about Osakans'! Little redhead is too cute! ♥

I love PoT so much! ♥ Now really. Love! ♥
Ryoma is getting cuter and cuter all the time. How he really admires all of his senpais is just too cute! ^______^ I loved the Kaidou and Momo look-a-likes when he went to America and how he said that Momo and Kaidou was much cooler then those two. hoho. Sweet!

And Kaidou. I could write several posts just about the awesomeness of that guy. ♥


Just babbling on... )
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And what I really should do is sleep or work on that damn speech in japanese I might be supposed to have finished until tomorrow. But I watched the latest Can!Jani instead.

Yokos bedhair might be the fugliest and most adorable thing ever!
I would've been so mad at Okura after the waterfall-thingie. Really. I'm amazed that Yoko didn't just run up and hit him. I sure would!
Okura, I love you, but you are made of fail!

Tomorrow I'm gonna make a sales post. -__- I've been putting it up for too long, I need the money and all, but ah, such a hassle. I don't think I have that many things that would be interesting to my flist though, since I'm selling KAT-TUN stuff. But there will be some random photos and a Subaru clearfile. ^^


I'm on a Subarulove high at the moment, and I saw this youtube link with a fancam from the same date as I went to the FFF con in October, but the link had been removed. >_< I crave fancams!

And my recordings from this weekends concerts are quite unlistenable, and my audio program can not reduce the noise. You can hear some music, but mostly it's just noice and I guess that if I knew how to I could make it listenable, but I don't know how! >_<

I should just go to sleep.
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I get more and more excited about Kagotsurube. When I read this I squealed to myself for quite a while.
And Yasu seems to be working very hard with finding his character and I'm very much looking forward to watching it as a play rather than a Johnny's performance. And he can act that boy! I was really impressed by his skills in 818, because he was playing all these characters and they were all very distinctively different, as the same time as they was all a part of him. And I'm looking forward to seeing act in a more serious role.

And I realized how much I miss acting. There is so much I want to do. I'd love to once in my life be a part of a production of Tjechov's The Seagull, and I want to do Shakespeare, and I want to try different ways of acting, since what I've been working with is all the Stanislavskij method, which I do believe is a great, but I'd like to know more of the differences between different schools.
Lj-cut for long thoughts on acting. )

Well. There was something else I wanted to write about. . .

Ah! I might or might not have a ticket for the con at the 13th too. A guy at the guesthouse who are bidding at the yahoo auctions for me, has not mailed or called to tell me what happened to the auction that ended tonight. >_< I really hope I won it! Pleeeeeaaaaase!

Been watching PoT again today. Didn't have time for any yesterday due to having to stay in my room in case the computer doctor would come. I did get down to cleaning my room, which was well needed, but I realize how addicted I am to PoT now, when I can barely stand one day without it!
And rumour has it that Heroes will start again Monday. Am thrilled!
Still need to watch ep 2-4 of Voice. Me and [livejournal.com profile] luin_lote are planning to watch it together, but there are some Tennis princes interrupting that plan all the time.
Read lovely lovely Christmas-fic that [livejournal.com profile] alissa recommended yesterday! ♥ ♥ ♥ The cuteness of Akutsu/Dan! ♥

Oh! Now I remember!
My Valentinr - theresechan
Get your own valentinr
Send me a Valentine's wish? ♥

Finally I downloaded the latest Can!Jani ep and will watch after I finished writing this. ♥ Finally! Been craving that damn ep so much, since half of my flist has called it the best ep so far!

How did the clock end up being 4PM?
Need to take a shower before I go to sleep too, cause I'll never get up in time for that tomorrow. -sighs-
Ok. Shower then Can!Jani or Can!Jani then shower? Oh why do the showers have to be on the bottom floor? Such a hassle to walk all those stairs! >_< I am not being ridiculously whiny!

Anyways, now it's one week, or one week and a day, til I get to see Subaru again! ♥ Need to end with happy thought! ^___^v

EDIT: On a wim I started looking up acting schools and I found one that I find very very interesting, and if I understand everything right, there is still time to apply to the school. Oh my. Should I? Starting with acting again in August? If I'll get in of course. Not an audition either, just an interview. . . What to do? What the hell. I might as well apply and see if I get called to the interview.
EDIT2: I looked at my old schools homepage and realized there are pictures from our play! Ah! Nostalgic feeling!
And yes, I will apply for the school. It sounds so interesting! ♥


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