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May. 10th, 2008 02:31 am
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Ok. I just read one of the most amazing fanfics I have ever read! I'm so in love with it. Everyone should read it. It's Subassan and it's just. I can't describe it. Just read!

This is so amazing! araanaz9, if you see this and don't want me to link to your fic, please tell me and I'll remove this at once.

Therese is in a happy haze now. I love when something I'm reading just clings to me and won't let go and just stays with me.

This makes me able to handle things like cockraoches in my apartment and far too difficult grammar and well. Just about anything. ^^

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I'm really reding too much porn these days. Anything NC-17-ranked makes me go all craaaaaazy. Oh god. When did I become such a perv? I blame it on Johnny's. I'm sure I wasn't this pervy before.. .  Maybe.

And talking about Johnnys. Me and Maria have been to both the BaruHina-show and the Yassu-show. How I love them. And the BaruHina-show almost killed me, cause like two minutes before the show started, Yassu, Yoko and Ryo came out and sat down about one metre from us. I actually thought I would pass out or something. And I'm impressed by myself that I actually didn't just stare at them through the whole thing, cause, well, they were so close. But the show was sooo great eventhough my japanese is far from good enough to actually understand half of it. And Yassu, oh Yassu. I love you so much. I got to hear Heavenly Psycho live for the first time and that worth so much. Oh god. How I love you.

I don't really know what to say here today. I just felt like writing something about me reading porn and since all of my family reads my blog nowadays it felt better to write it here.

ahaha. I don't know what I'm doing actually. To sleepdeprived after the wild wild wild karaoke-night this Friday. hm.

But, when I'm talking about fanfiction anyway I must just pimp some of my top favourite-writers. Probably only one of them even knows that I'm reading though cause I may be the worst person on earth at commenting. 
Anyway. My no1 favourite writer who always lights up my days when I see that she has updated is[info]kamexkame  Her fics makes me all warm and fussy inside and omg. She's just lovely. I absolutely adore everything shes written but my favourite must be the oh so lovely "Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me". I mean. It's RyoKame it's.. ah, me and words. Just read it!

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Well I haven't written a thing in my journal for ages. Almost not at all. I'm just not the best of friends with understanding how LJ works. Or well, I understand it just fine up to the posting-things. 

And what got me to write now is the AMAZING fic I've been reading by [ profile] kamexkame called "Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me". Just the title. That song is purely amazing! A Batman-song if I don't remember wrongly. Anyway. That fic is so purely amazing that you just must love it. And I wonder if it's ok for me to write this? If kamexkame don't want me talking about her and she sees this, well just tell me and I'll delete it. I just think that evereone should read it!!  It's oh so beautiful! And it's RyoKame and humour and hot sex. Well, what could go wrong?!

And since I'm writing, I have gotten myself a blog! A swedish one, so, if any Sweeds (can you say that?), would happen to pass by, please take a look at my gorgeous blog. Oh damnit! How do you link in this thing? DAMN YOU LJ! aaah. now! Since I'm such a geek without fantasy I choose the nerdiest name ever on my blog. wellwell.

Have I got anything else to talk about? naaaah.  I'm off to watch Yuukan Club ep 2 with subs! Cheers for Love Song!


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