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So yeah, I am doing the eito meme, but not right now. . . . I fail. XD

But yeah, I'll be going to some friends tomorrow to, well, spend the whole day in front of the TV. Tomorrow is the wedding of our crown princess and her Daniel and well. I'm not a big fan of the monarchy and all, but I like her and I want to see all the glitter and glamour. XDD I don't know how I'm going to explain me watching this to my parents because me and my mun are always arguing about the monarchy, I think we shouldn't have one, and she thinks we should.
Anyway, the wedding is huge deal here in Sweden. I almost have no people around me who really likes the royal house, so I was kind of of the idea that that was how people all over Sweden feels. But apparently not. There has been loads of stuff about the wedding all over the newspapers and TV and there's loads of things being sold. Wedding chocolate, wedding sweets, wedding china, big pictures of them, calendars and what not. And yeah, TV will be sending live from the wedding and all around it for 16 HOURS tomorrow! Apparently the royal house is far more important than the World Cup here. XDD

And I haven't watched the SCP perfs yet. Need to do it.

And uhm, just saying that I might be away for a few days. I might be going home to my parents on Sunday to stay there for a few days to clean out old stuff and yeah.

But, I hope to be around a little at least!

Love you all! ♥


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