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It's already a few days into 2010 now but I really want to go through this year a little and just, think about what have happened and stuff. So yeah. This is my 2009! :D

2009 was... )

For this year I don't know what's coming for me. Some of my friends at school have talked about starting a acting group after school. I don't know if that'll happen, but I'm hoping for it. I still have another school to audition for. Which I need to start thinking about.. I just.. Don't have the spark for it right now. >_< Otherwise.. I just don't know what's going to happen to me after school is over in May. We'll see about that.
What I do know is that we're gonna tour in Finland for a week in February and that I'm going to Germany to see my friends during spring break to later meet up with my class in Berlin. :D So some good times ahead. :D

I hope 2010 have some good things in stall for me. I want to develop as an actress and as a person and I want to meet interesting people and do interesting stuff.
Oh and I want to develop a sense for moneysaving. XD
I also have some resolutions. First: Quit smoking. I started again and I do want to quit. So I'm doing a cut-down in January to be completely smokefree in February. 2nd, loose some weight. I've ganed so much since coming back from Japan and eating more than one meal a day and I want to loose some of it because yeah, I look pregnant. 3rd I will only eat ecological meat from now on. That's the only way to guarantee that the meat I'm eating comes from animals that have been treated in an humane way, and also to ensure that I don't eat meat from animals that have been given crazy loads of antibiotics "just in case" and therefor have a lot of multi resistant bacterias and stuff in them. So yeah. I'll eat the vegetarian food at school and I'll only be buying ecological meat. Which is super-expensive, but since I only have to cook two days a week, I can afford it. XD

Ok. Longest post in like, forever. XD

I hope all you lovely people will have a great 2010 and that we'll be able to talk a lot more than I have been able to the last six months or so.
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I have 10 hours of work tomorrow. In sets of 5 hours, 4 hours off and then another 5 hours, then it's Monday and I work 7-14 and then on Tuesday yet another 10 hours day. And then I have SIX DAYS OFF!! YAY! And it's the festival! I am happy-face! :D
I'm completely ignoring the fact that after those days I'll have 11 workdays in a row, beacuse, well, why angst about that allready. There will be enough of complaints about that when I'm there.

My plans for today was laundry, which I did, and hung out and then the sky opened and the worst rain fucking ever came down. XD And to clean, and pack my stuff for the festival and make ehm.. blandband.. You not, cassette tape-things. I love making them but it takes ages and I'm supposed to have them done until Hultsfred. Oh well. My 4 hours inbetween work tomorrow will have to be very productive then. XD

I've been thinking about my future a little today. I now have one year in school and then I'm going to apply for all the biggest acting schools in Sweden. I don't really expect to get in on my first try. Now the question is, what will I do if I don't get in? Been thinking about maybe going to Norway to work for maybe half a year, a year and then go travelling and be back for the next time to apply for the schools again. It would be nice. Why I'd like to work in Norway is because the pay is insanely high there. And I've never been to Norway, even though it's my neighbouring country. Anyhow. That would be a good idea.
Now the question is, in that case, where to? I've been wanting to take the Trans-Siberian railroad for ages. Maybe going to Beijing? I want to travel so baaaaaad! And I hate that I can't really make up any plans, since I have to know how my school applications will go first. Well well. This would be more than a year ahead of me so.. I should just take it easy. XD

Ahh~ I don't really have that much to say. I just don't want to go to bed, eventhough I really should. XD
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I read my big brothers' blog. He and his girlfriend went to New Zealand a week ago, to, well live there. They are renting a room in an apartment since Tuesday and he had put up some pictures and stuff.

I want too!

Should I just skip my school plans, work my ass off this summer and travel this fall? I do love acting, I do. But I love traveling too, and there's really so many more places I'd like to visit. And it doesn't have to be that difficult. It isn't that difficult. At all. If I just have enough money to get around for a month or two until I get a job, that's enough. Really. To just leave. It's tempting. So very tempting.


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