Apr. 21st, 2009 11:31 am
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Why have I never watched the Johnny's Jr - Can Do Can Go PV before?! It's made of awesome! God. I love shiny jr-days!

I couldn't help myself from screencapping too much again. XD

Caaaaaaaaaaps! )

The old junior times sure was so much more shiny! They need a new Takki among the Jr's. Someone without any sense of taste but with the will to entertain. Have any Jr-concerts ever been as shiny as the Sugao concerts? I think not.

Need to watch Sugao now! *__________*


Mar. 5th, 2009 08:53 pm
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You know, sometimes you think that you've like, gotten over the worst flailing, that you've calmed down and you know, can speak without capital letters and all, but.. OMG! THE CALENDAR IS SO SHIIIINY! AND THE ALBUM WILL BE SO GREEEEAT AND YOKO IS TOO HOT TO HANDLE and Hina has old lady-hair! *__________________________________________________________*
I been flailing for hours and it just wont stop! *_______*

So I think this is the best time for a little meme. The other night when I couldn't sleep I was just browsing aimlessly and saw this great meme. I no longer remember where I saw it and the exact words and so, but it was something like this:

Fandom Love Meme.
Why do you love your fandom? What got you hooked, and what keeps you there? Explain, flail, do whatever, just tell us!

I want to tag people, but I don't know who, so I'll just tag my whole flist! Indulge me? ^___^

Eito love meme! )
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And what I really should do is sleep or work on that damn speech in japanese I might be supposed to have finished until tomorrow. But I watched the latest Can!Jani instead.

Yokos bedhair might be the fugliest and most adorable thing ever!
I would've been so mad at Okura after the waterfall-thingie. Really. I'm amazed that Yoko didn't just run up and hit him. I sure would!
Okura, I love you, but you are made of fail!

Tomorrow I'm gonna make a sales post. -__- I've been putting it up for too long, I need the money and all, but ah, such a hassle. I don't think I have that many things that would be interesting to my flist though, since I'm selling KAT-TUN stuff. But there will be some random photos and a Subaru clearfile. ^^


I'm on a Subarulove high at the moment, and I saw this youtube link with a fancam from the same date as I went to the FFF con in October, but the link had been removed. >_< I crave fancams!

And my recordings from this weekends concerts are quite unlistenable, and my audio program can not reduce the noise. You can hear some music, but mostly it's just noice and I guess that if I knew how to I could make it listenable, but I don't know how! >_<

I should just go to sleep.
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Well, first of all she shouldn't be in a night-open internetcafe. That's stupid. Really. When you need to sleep.
Second, she shouldn't start to download 47 neoki subbed. That will take hours. When she should sleep.
Third, she shouldn't reread her favourite fanfics. That makes it even more impossible to go home and sleep when she's to tired to be sleepy.
Fourth, she really shouldn't be writing strange things in her journal. Really.
Fifth, she just shouldn't. Anything. She should sleep. Well. She's stupid and she doesn't. But what's a girl to do when she found the best way to motivate her for the studying tomorrow? One ranger waking up after every hour of studying. Now. How much studying will it be if she goes to bed this late? Not that much, since she will sleep half of the day. Which will make her unable to sleep sunday night and oh so tired Monday in school. She really isn't too bright that girl. Really.

Ok. I'm hopeless. I'm going home now. I hope I won't make Maria up. Maria bought me a Yoko-uchiwa today. She's lovely and the uchiwa too.

Ok. Sleep. Now.

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So. Last sunday I went to watch Dreamboys with dear

[ profile] sweetmaria_chan
. Of course it was absolutely lovely. I won't even try to write a report. It was just great. I loved the older woman too. Both me and Maria thought she recembled the seawitch in Little Mermaid in the opening scene. ^^
And Kames flying. My god. And ABC are incredible! And Kawai sat down three or four seats from me and Maria in the beginning when a lot of  Jr where walking around in the audience dressed as clowns. And Fujigaya actually kills me with his hotness!
And the showtime! LIPS was just amazing! I especially liked when Kame tried to do Nakamarus beatboxingpart. ^^ And Kokis solo! GOD is he lovely? ^^ And Kame was a total tease during his solosong. Of course. And then, they did ANDALUCIA. I love that song and that DANCE so much! How can you not love hot hot hot boys throwing themselves on the floor and throwing their jackets around? ^^

And sat-sun is Yokos show. I'm probably not going. And it kills me! Why oh why have I spent so much money. But it will feel good later that I missed it when I get some oh so lovely centreseats on some Kanjani-convert. I'm sure I will. I'm gonna try to forget that Maria is there and I'm not by having a Takcer & Tsubasa-day with Nane who recently has fallen madly in love with Takki.

Oh well. 

It's soon time for the sakurablossom! That's nice. I don't need Yoko. I have sakura. That's for free. ^^ Ok. i will CRY on saturday. 

Tomorrow it's Kanjani on Music Station! YEY! I'm really looking forward to seing Wahaha LIVE! That will most defenitly be lovely. I can see them on TV. I don't have to see Yoko in person. I already did by the way. So I can live with not seeing him this weekend. I can. Of course. God. I'm gonna take a look at yahoo now. ^^


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