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Jun. 23rd, 2010 08:48 pm
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Hi again! I keep failing at updating. But oh well. XD Here comes the eito meme, the 7th day that I accidentally cut out before. haha.

day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)

その身体も その心も 全てボクに見せてくれ
Sono karada mo sono kokoro mo subete bokuni misetekure
That body and that heart, show me it all.

風の朝も 雨の夜も その手を離さないで
Kaze no asa mo ame no yoru mo sono te wo hanasanaide
Even on windy mornings and/or on rainy nights, do not let go of that hand.

Futari dakega egaku sekai e
The world that only the two of us pictures...

Itsuka tadori tsukeru toki made
Until the time we finally reach it, one day.

From Misetekure, translation and lyrics from HERE, I love this song so much, it has been one of my favs from the start and it still is. ♥ These lyrics simply speak to me. ;D

And now to something completely different. For my new friends, I've been going to an acting school for this past year, school ended at the end of May and yeah, I've been spamming with pics from our performances. But not from the last one. So, I figured that now it's time. XD
The play is named Hysterica (means uterus in latin) and we wrote it ourselves. It's set in 2010 but in a world were we have lived in a matriarchate for 3000 years or so, instead of the patriarchy we're living in today. The story evolves around three different groups, one priest family (where I was one of the daughters), a working class family and a gang of criminals. There is a lot of things going on there. The priest beats her husband, the wife in the working class family isn't working and drinks waaay too much, the gang has just done some huge bank robbing and someone got shot and yeah.
In the middle of all this is Jonathan, boyfriend of one in the gang and son of the working class family. He eventually gets raped, by the two priest children sisters. and yeah. It was an awesome play and I loved doing it. And there are better pics than the ones I'll show you, but sadly I don't have them on my computer. So uhm, there's loads and loads of pics. Be warned! XD And for you new friends, I'm the one in brown trousers and a green tanktop. XD Also, be warned, there is nudity! XD

Pictures~ )

Also! I got two pairs of new glasses the other day. I love both of them to pieces! So pictures of them too~ XDD

Glasses~ )

Anyone who got all the way down, thanks! haha.

Now I better start cleaning up here a little. XDDD


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