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It's already a few days into 2010 now but I really want to go through this year a little and just, think about what have happened and stuff. So yeah. This is my 2009! :D

2009 was... )

For this year I don't know what's coming for me. Some of my friends at school have talked about starting a acting group after school. I don't know if that'll happen, but I'm hoping for it. I still have another school to audition for. Which I need to start thinking about.. I just.. Don't have the spark for it right now. >_< Otherwise.. I just don't know what's going to happen to me after school is over in May. We'll see about that.
What I do know is that we're gonna tour in Finland for a week in February and that I'm going to Germany to see my friends during spring break to later meet up with my class in Berlin. :D So some good times ahead. :D

I hope 2010 have some good things in stall for me. I want to develop as an actress and as a person and I want to meet interesting people and do interesting stuff.
Oh and I want to develop a sense for moneysaving. XD
I also have some resolutions. First: Quit smoking. I started again and I do want to quit. So I'm doing a cut-down in January to be completely smokefree in February. 2nd, loose some weight. I've ganed so much since coming back from Japan and eating more than one meal a day and I want to loose some of it because yeah, I look pregnant. 3rd I will only eat ecological meat from now on. That's the only way to guarantee that the meat I'm eating comes from animals that have been treated in an humane way, and also to ensure that I don't eat meat from animals that have been given crazy loads of antibiotics "just in case" and therefor have a lot of multi resistant bacterias and stuff in them. So yeah. I'll eat the vegetarian food at school and I'll only be buying ecological meat. Which is super-expensive, but since I only have to cook two days a week, I can afford it. XD

Ok. Longest post in like, forever. XD

I hope all you lovely people will have a great 2010 and that we'll be able to talk a lot more than I have been able to the last six months or so.
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Tomorrow is my last whole day in Japan for at least a year.

Today I spent 3,5 hours cleaning my room. I was on my hands and knees cleaning the floor. Not funny. But now everything is done and the only thing I need to do is to move some things from my suitcase to my hand luggage and vice versa.

After the hellish cleaning I went to Harajuku and met up with Maria. We went to the Johnny's shop. I finally got the Subaru countdown photos. Have the scans been up somewhere? If not I'm planning to spend my first days in Sweden in the company of my scanner. ^^ And the photos from FFF, have they been scanned? I have all photos of Subaru, so I could scan those too, but if they're already up somewhere I wont bother since it's more than 50 photos.
Also, why are there no JRock photos? I was hoping for there to be some before I went home, but that seems impossible. Also, Kagotsurube photo card sets was in the shop. NEED. I hate the fact that I'm not able to go due to stupid money issues, so I at least need those!

Tomorrow will be nice. I'm going to the shop again to buy some photos for a friend, the photo card set and the calendar, then I'm meeting up with Maria and [livejournal.com profile] luin_loteat Starbucks in Kudanshita for my last chai tea latte, (then it's school) and then we're gonna go eat the most delicious okonomiyaki here in Matsudo. I will have a great last day. I will not think about the fact that it really is the last day.

The weather has been really nice these past few days too. Yesterday it was 20 degres. I do not feel like going home to Sweden and to the winter! Sakura will probably start blooming about five days after I leave. Great.

But, I've had a great time here. I've been able to go to some really amazing concerts, FFF, Tsubasa World Wing, Ebikisu, Uchis comeback, Toshi Wasure, NEWS and J ROCK DREAM. I could've seen more of the concerts if I had the money, but I'm still really grateful that I got to go to these fantastic concerts. ♥

As for my japanese studies I probably wont study in Sweden, at least not if I get in to the school I want to, since I don't think that there are anywhere for me to study out there in the bushes were I'll be living. But, I'm gonna study on my own, especially kanji, in order to be able to do the JLPT test. I could at least manage level 2 (1 being the highest) if only I knew enough kanji. So that's my plan. Kanji studying. I'm so much more confident in my japanese skills now in comparison to last time I was here and I'm happy that I managed to build up my confidence.

On another note, my friend read that the J ROCK DVD will only have Q?, Five and FFF in it and not the rest of the people being there. If that's the case, why? Sure, it really was those three groups concert, but still, all the great moments that will be left out if they cut out all Matchy/Old Guy/Tsubasa/Takki-things? And what about the end when they were all on stage??

Ah well. I need to get some sleep now.
It's soon 4, I'm getting up at 8. Great work Therese! ^^;;;
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And what I really should do is sleep or work on that damn speech in japanese I might be supposed to have finished until tomorrow. But I watched the latest Can!Jani instead.

Yokos bedhair might be the fugliest and most adorable thing ever!
I would've been so mad at Okura after the waterfall-thingie. Really. I'm amazed that Yoko didn't just run up and hit him. I sure would!
Okura, I love you, but you are made of fail!

Tomorrow I'm gonna make a sales post. -__- I've been putting it up for too long, I need the money and all, but ah, such a hassle. I don't think I have that many things that would be interesting to my flist though, since I'm selling KAT-TUN stuff. But there will be some random photos and a Subaru clearfile. ^^


I'm on a Subarulove high at the moment, and I saw this youtube link with a fancam from the same date as I went to the FFF con in October, but the link had been removed. >_< I crave fancams!

And my recordings from this weekends concerts are quite unlistenable, and my audio program can not reduce the noise. You can hear some music, but mostly it's just noice and I guess that if I knew how to I could make it listenable, but I don't know how! >_<

I should just go to sleep.
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This will not be as long as the other report, because well, most of the songs and everything was the same. Just some highlights and so.

Yesterday my seats was at the 2nd floor, south block and V row. Which was four rows away from being at the top of the whole hall. But I sat so I saw the stage from the front.
I took a picture with my phone, the camera sucks, but I'll post the pic anyway.
Hm. Oh well. At least it's a picture. ^^;;
This time again I sat next to three people who sat down most of the concert. This time they only stood at the Question? part. I just don't get it.

Not so short report. )
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So my computer dies on me, I just hope that these computers decides to work with me until the end.

I had a quite awesome seats for this concert. B Block2, second row. It's the second Blocks but the Budoukan wasn't that big, so I was close anyway. I had a man slightly to the right in front of me, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see anything once he stood up, but he kept sitting through the whole show, so I had a great view. Everyone around me except the three women on my right side had FuraFura towels around their necks. As did the whole hall. I saw read towels everywhere when I looked around.
The girls next to me kept on sitting down almost the whole concert, except for the parts where Matchy was on stage. They even stood up at the MC part, but not during the con if it was something else than Matchy. Oh well.

The stage was huge, it had two sets of drums, two sets of keyboards even though they only really would've needed one, since there's only Daisuke playing the keyboard. But he changed were he was sitting when he changed groups.
There was four levels at the stage. First the middlestage, that wasn't really used that much, with the drumsets on both side, and then the keyboards. Below that was the guitarists and bassplayers level, with the bassplayers on one side and the guitarplayers on the other side. And then was the center middle stage where the main singer stood. And from that stage there were stairs going down to yet another level of.. I don't know, standing area. ^^

When the lights dimmed )

Setlist credits:


Feb. 11th, 2009 12:22 am
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13th. Nihon Budoukan. Arena. B Block! ♥


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Ok. Really. How the hell do I manage to just MISS everything that is going on?
So, the Five, Q? and Matchy-thing is actually a Five, Q?, Matchy AND FuraFura-thing! Now. Really. How did I miss that?! >_< I am too dependent on the K8-com or something. Cause really!

So, two more cons to go to. How will I finance them? Sell my body? Rob a bank? Stop eating? Even if I stopped eating I wouldn't afford the ticket prices. And there is this site where I can apply for tickets, it's just that it's too much kanji and I don't get half of it. I might have to ask this eito-fan at my school. She is also a complete besserwisser and I have a big problem with those kind of people. But I need help!

Oh well. I'm excited. Will start planning the bank robbing now!
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Ok. So I've finally gotten down to it. This will not be very detailed since it was quite a while since the con and I didn't take any notes afterwards, plus I don't know that much about Q? and FiVe, even though I want to. Ever since FuraFura I've been taking a liking to FiVe and after this concerts, also to Question? They're all a bunch of very talented guys, with a passion that shines. I'm happy that I got to go to this con!

So, at 10 o'clock on the 30th I was at Gurakudoh in search for tickets, nervous as hell, feeling like the world would end if there was none. )
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I GOT A TICKET! It was expensive, but it doesn't matter. Cause OMG! I am so happy! SubaruSUBARU! It feels like this kind of makes up for not getting a ticket to the last FuraFura-show eventhough this wasn't at all as long as those cons were, since they where three groups having there moment. J-rock family they called them and us together, as in Johnnys-rock family, And I don't know, I'm too tired. There will be a conreport, focusing on the last part with FuraFura probably.
But not now. Dead tired.

And there was this little moment.. This little thing... like... SUBARU POINTING AT ME, SMILING HIS BIG SMILE AND GIVING A LITTLE WAVE! I died.

And to hear Flower, Starlight, Fura Fura, Pray, Te again. OMG! During Te the girls standing next to me seemed a little to shy to take my hand at first, made me feel a little lobely, but then they did anyways and all of us stood there holding hands. I love that song.

I love how passionate Subaru is, and FiVe. And Question? too, but I kinda really like Rikiyas (?) passion.
And I THINK that Subaru said that next year there will be something with FuraFura, but that he can't say anything yet, but as in that there really IS something planned. But he could have also said something more in terms of wanting it to happen and going to make sure it does. So don't take me on my words here, cause my japanese is not perfect, and I wouldn't trust it too much.

I love Pray so much! The passion they all put into that song. And Subarus voice. Goosebumps all over.

Ah. Need to get some sleep now.

Tomorrow there will be NEWS. Looking forward to it!
But I saw Subaru today so I'm guessing nothing will be able to compare to that!

Anyways, next time I'll write here it will be 2009 and I'm most probably in Australia.
So, I want to wish my dear f-list a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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So. I've been in Japan for a week and one day.
It has been absolutely lovely.
Well, most of it.
My three hours ride from Narita to Matsudo wasn't the best thing I've done in my life. And I defenetily did not pay 900 swedish krones to drive around half of Chiba to take some other people to their homes. Oh noes I didn't.

BUT! When I finally arrived at my Guesthouse in Matsudo, my ticket to Subaru was waiting there for me.
Follow me for Subaru-, Tsubasa-, and A.B.C-Z & Kis-My-Ft2 -concertreports! )


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