Hockey! >_

Apr. 29th, 2009 10:22 pm
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I don't like sports. It always annoys me when people are hogging the TV for weeks because there's some championships. Like right now, hockey. I've been complaining about dad watching hockey all the time ever since it started.

But. When I start watching I can't help getting all fired up. And there are some certain countries that we want to win against more than others. In hockey; Russia, Finland and the US. USA just scored 5-2 and I'm very annoyed. If someone from American immigrations would overhear me watching a match between Sweden and USA I would probably never be allowed into the country. XD
Good thing is, it takes an hour and then I don't really care anymore. But while watching I'm all shouting and cheering, depending on how well Sweden is doing. XDD Gah!

In other news, I've been watching Desperate Housewives all day. I love it! I'm a Sex and the City girl though. DH will never beat SATC, but still. Though I've started to really dislike Susan. She's cute in all her fail, but GOD is she selfish?! XD

Tomorrow it's Walpurgis Night, or Valborgsmässoafton as we say in Sweden. XD I wonder if I'll see any bonfires this time? Probably not. I think we have an fire-ban in the south of Sweden at the moment. It's strange, now it's so warm here and my mum told me the other day of a Valborg, a year before I was born I think, when there was so much snow that they had skiing contests that day. I would be so mad if it was that cold. We're supposed to sing in the spring on valborg!

Ah. Now I'm gonna hunt d-addicts down for new subs! ^__^v

EDIT1: Um.. Is it bad of me to feel complete glee over the fact that KAT-TUN's new album has sold almost 90 000 copies the first day when eito sold over a 110 000? I feel bad, but I have a huge smile on my face right now. And all the "they have the dome cons to save for", the fans that is.. Well now, there are tickets to the dome being sold for less than the original price and eito is having a tour, and tickets are being sold for more than double the price, but eito-fans still bought the album. God. I'm being ridiculous I know, but for eito to be this big nowadays is so amazing. And also, they're not on an Johnny's label, which means less fiddeling with sale figures than for example KAT-TUN who are on J-one records.. God. I'm showing much of my bitchy side lately aren't I? Don't start disliking me. XDD

EDIT2: Sweden - USA 6-5 SUCK ON THAT AMERICA! Yes, I'm a baaaad bad winner.


Apr. 26th, 2009 04:54 pm
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It's summer warmth in Vena today. I feel quite pleased. Have been doing a little work in the garden. Not as much as my parents would want me to, I suspect, but I've been out there at least. Why do we have such a big garden? XD¨

Also, Koi no ABO and KAT-TUN's new album. Lots to see/listen to. And this is the 2nd DVD with footage from a con I've been to. It's nice to watch and know that hey, I was in there! If that damn J ROCK DVD could be released soon it would make it three. ^^

It feels like I'm so behind on fandom lately, I don't really know why. But I have loads of Can!jani and Janiben and stuff to watch.

I do keep up with The Quiz Show though. God. Evil!Yoko. ILU! BUT WHY IS THERE STILL NO PORN?!! PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME EVIL!YOKO PORN!! *______________*

Oh well. I'm off to help dad to oil our terrace. I'm such a good girl today! ^^v
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I just watched KAT-TUN on MS from this Friday.
And hey, they are sweet! Laughing in there little setting. Junno playing with the Christmas tree and Ueda being incredibly cute in his hat. But what's with Jin's almost mustache? Really???
And I guess none of them had any, ehm, what's the english word, you know, to be able to hear yourself while singing, cause it sounded like crap almost all them time!
But I like the song very much, and when they sing it without hitting the wrong notes they sound great! I love to hear Koki sing too!

And why do I get the feeling that KAT-TUN gets much more advanced setting/backdrops than Kanjani? Very not fare! ^^;;;

Oh well.
Just needed to say something about that one, cause they were very very cute, and they do even seem to like each other! The farer away from the KAT-TUN fandom I'm getting the more I get the feeling that they really don't get along, but when I watch them together, they do seem to like each other. Not like Kanjani or T&T, but still. And hey, isn't it so that SMAP barely see each other outside work? Maybe that's what comes with being the most famous.


Apr. 13th, 2008 03:07 am
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I've been in this damn internetcafe for hours now! Why am I so stupid? It's expensive damn it! But what is a girl to do? I needed to upload new pictures to my picturejournal and then I downloaded some stuff and one clip takes very long. But to stop downloading when I gotten to half? No. So let's just stay here half an hour more and do a lot of unnecessery things. I did send a mail to a friend though, which I should have sent like two weeks ago or something. haha.

Anyway. Last Friday I went to the Kanjani-concert. It was oh so lovely! The seats were absolutely great too! And I got eyecontact with a lot of them! Mostly Ryo. Oh god oh god oh god!
And we're seeing them again in Osaka at the beginning of May! HAPPY! 
If I got several millions from somewhere I could live my life just going to concerts and all other kinds of shows. It's the ultimate high! (well that and acting) And I would be satisfied with living my life like that. But now, I'm having an eceonomic crisis and can't afford well, anything. Damn. 
Maybe it's lucky that those damn KAT-TUN aren't having any concerts while I'm here. No money. >__<

But! I made up my mind and I'll be back in Japan in the fall! I just didn't see anything else to do. I'm not ready to go back to living in Sweden just yet (if I ever will be), and I can't really look for schools in Sweden for this fall anyway since all the auditions for the actingschools are in April-May. So. I'm going back in Sept-Oct and I'm staying 'til April-May. It will be weird though, to spend Christmas here. I love Christmas. And I want to be with my family during that time. But well, I'll survive.
But now I can kinda look forward to getting back to Sweden in June, cause I know it's only for about three months. It will be lovely to see all my friends and fasmily again! YEY! And I can be truly happy to see them now, not feeling like I want to be somewhere else. ^^

Anyway. My downloading is done. Time to get HOME and SLEEP!
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Me and Maria went to Korea this weekend. Mainly to get 90 new days in Japan since we don't have a visa. Korea was nice. But rainy. But cheap. ^^ I realized when I was there that I actually understand more japanese than I think, cause in Korea I naturally couldn't understand a thing and it kinda hit me that hey, it's not like this in Japan. Friday we mostly just walked around in some part of Seoul. There was some live-tv-show going on there. And afterwards we saw all these girls lining up outside, and we figured that one of the guys hosting that show must be some kind of idol. So we waited around by the cafe near it. And out came this handsome guy, talking to some staff and putting on a jacket, all the girls went KYYYAAA! but he didn't even look at them and went inside. It was really cold to. hmpf. Then he came out and filmed something and then he was going away in a car. Walking by all these girls in lines, and he didn't even look at them, didn't even wave or anything. hmpf. That wouldn't happen with a Johnny's. I mean, when we went to Dreamboys a lot of girls lined up to see them going home. And Koki came out of the car to great everyone and say some words. And my friend went this weekend, and he did the same. Kame just waved from his car, but still, he did. THAT'S real idols I tell you!
Anyway. Saturday it was raining really hard. We slept long, since last weeks everyday hanami maid us really tired. And then we went out in the rain. Me in shoes with a bog hole under one of them. Smart Therese. Really. Oh well, we were going to see that river that runs through Seoul. We kinda got lost, ate in a Viatnemease restaurant and got back to our hotel. Then I went shopping and then we went out. No, first we ate at our hotel. Fantsypantsy indeed and really oishii! ^^ Then we went out and realized that the subway just stopped going. Good job. But to our relief we met these really nice boys taking us to a really charming little place were we eat and drank. Lovely. I know can speek a fem words of and write my name in korean. yey.

Then after a looong night of practically no sleep it was time to go the airport. Two hours flight. Back to Japan and an helvetic line to the check-passports-stuffy. I was kinda worried about them being suspicious about being back in Japan this fast and everything, but the woman only asked me what I studied and where and then I was back! LOVELY! It really felt good to be back home. Cause that's what it feels like, Tokyo is my home. Anyway. We misunderstood how we were supposed to get home and it ended up taking us about two hours to get to Shin-Matsudo. Fail! But a really cute flying attendant helped us. She was lovely. ^^

And then, back home I wanted to check my mails and got this mail from Emma (and this is what I intended to write about in my entry). And she told me the news about the KAT-TUN-summertour. Now I really hate KAT-TUN! How dare they! Parting from Japan will be hard enough anyway, I do not need to know that there are concerts just a month after I left. And I've been woorying about when their new tour would be, since it's such a long time since the last one and I couldn't possibly live with not seeing them before I go. And oh! Look what happened! UEDA! I SO want to see Ueda live! WHY OH WHY Johnny's! JULY for CHRIST SAKE!
But today I'm making myself feel better with the fact that we are going to Kanjanis concert on Friday! Centretickets! yeeeey! They were extremly expensive, but oh so worth it. And damn Johnny's have to make the not-seeing-kattun-thingie up by getting Uchi back to Kanjani with this tour! Have to! 
My hopes are set to high for that now. It's just that I think I see hints of that everywhere, like the name of the tour, ALL members gathering/come together. I see that as a sign. And that Uchis message at the Family Club were shown after Kanjanis and before Kanjanis PV. It's a sign I tell you! Ok. Don't get your hopes up.
About damn KAT-TUN again. Emma said that lovely thing about that then they should have additional concerts in like october, and since I'm thinking about getting back here in the fall. I mean, now I have no choice do I? So maybe I should just be happy about all of this! yey! I almost decided to go back this fall. Half a year is just too short a time.

Ok. I think that's all for today. No. Today me, Nane, Maria and Caroling went to eat okonomiyaki and then went to this shop with a lot of manga AND A LOT OF JOHNNYSSTUFF! Cheap stuff. I found this lovely set of old shop-photos of Ueda. LOVELY! And Maria found this gorgeous set with Ryo that I'm so mad that I didn't see first. Anyway. No Doujinshi for me, wich was the plan, just a lot of Johnnysstuff again.
Then we went eating and then karaokeing. I love karaoke! And tomorrow it's time for Hanami again! HAPPY!

Ok. That's all about my life the recent days. hoho.


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