Mar. 10th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Todays episode. Oh. My. God.

I hate the fact that people are so damn loud so I can't hear half of the dialogue even when I almost sit inside of the TV. But. OMG. I love Mei-chan so much! ♥ ♥ ♥
I hate that Lucia-freak.

I don't want to spoil too much, but OH GOD THEY ARE SO CUTE ALL SMILING AND KEKEKEKEKEEEE! And also, the beginning! ♥

I hate cliffhangers though. >___<

Now I'm just waiting for it to be up for downloads so I can watch it without 500 screaming people around me.

Oh God, the hot that is Rihito-sama! *________________*


Also, downloading latest Voice. Wait for subs or not? I find it quite hard to follow medical terms and stuff. XDDD

Today I had planned to start cleaning my room and throwing things I don't need and so on. Hm. Haven't been much of that no. >_<
Mei-chan eats my time. I'm quite pleased though.
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Been watching Mei-chan tonight with [ profile] luin_lote. I really really love it so much! ♥

I'm planning to watch one more ep of Voice before I go to bed, but before that I need to get some mails sent, some comments answered and a sales-post done. It feels like I'm selling out half of my collection. But honestly, I don't really care about anything but Kanjani, so I won't really miss them that much. I wonder if anyone would be interested in those toothbrushes from the Pacific tour? Hm. . . Oh the lack of money. But now I only have to survive 16 more days, then I'll go back to Sweden and live on my parents.
I really have mixed feelings about going home, on one hand, to get rid of all the financial problems feels great, on the other hand, I will leave Japan, and this time I won't know when I'll be coming back. If there's a tour next summer (2010) I'll have to go, but I am worrying that I might not be able to afford it, but I can't stand the thought of missing one more tour, since I didn't go to the summer tour last year and won't be able to go to any tours this year. Aaah~ Stupid money! >__<

But oh well. My dear friend Maria will be here in like, 9 days! I'm so looking forward to that! We were here together last year and lived together in an apartment and well, ever since we became friends like 10 years ago, we've never gone this long without seeing each other. So yeah, it will be great seeing her again! ♥

Need to get up earlier tomorrow and go to the post office. Oh great. >_<

I should just stop babbling now and get to work.

But before that, it's meme-time!

1. Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
2. Label which you would Marry, Fuck, and Kill.
3. Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
4. Post this meme with your answers.

[ profile] alissagave me Subaru, Yasu and Ryo.
Marry, Fuck, Kill! )


Mar. 3rd, 2009 11:03 pm
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I managed to catch Mei-chan on TV today! ^^v OMG! *_____________________________________*

I had to almost get into the TV and have the sound on really loud, but oh well. I AM SO IN LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥ I need a Mei-chan icon. Someone guide me?

I like when my teachers indulges me and lets me talk about Johnny's during class. Today we talked about Ryo not being able to drive, but still. And then my teacher said that eito was more funny than hot. Pfft. She knows nothing!

Should do meme, but I'm so tired. Have barely slept tonight (about 30 minutes) so I've been awake basically since 11.00 AM yesterday. I need to stop this. ^^;;;

Oh anyway, MEI-CHAN! ♥ Shoujo when it's at it's best!

And talking about dramas, I'm on a roll! I've soon catched up with Voice too. YEY! ^^v
Everyone seems to have such different opinions about korean HanaDan. I don't know what I think yet really, but I will watch a few more episodes and see if I get hooked or not. But it's HanaDan so I feel like I need to watch it anyways.

17 days left in Japan. O_____O Feels so strange.
Now. Bed.
I'm praying for the snowstorm that might come and make us unable to go to school tomorrow. I've barely seen [ profile] luin_lotefor several days, and we need to catch up (read watch Tenimyu and Mei-chan)! I don't know how this will work out when we're back home, living in completely different cities. >__<

Oh right. Sleep.

btw, I love Mei-chan! ♥

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Just watched the latest episode of Uta no Oniisan. OH GOD MARU YOU ARE SO CUTE I JUST WANT TO SQUEEEEEEZE YOU!
Really, angstying in silly costumes. Oh I love Utaoni! ♥

And Ryo caused an accident. First I though it was at 3 something AM and couldn't help thinking drunken driving. But it seems that it was in the middle of the day? I hope nothing bad will come of this, but we would've allready heard something then wouldn't we?

I am dead tired, really should sleep. But I have mails to send and parents to talk to. >__< Poor me.

Also, I still love Mei-chan! ♥ Me and

[ profile] luin_lote  watched the two first episodes today, since I thought that she really needed to see it too.
When will there be more? *makes grabby hands*

Also, contemplating watching korean HanaDan. Yes or No? I know that if there hadn't been any k-pop singers in there I would've watched it by now. This is just ridiculous, but I can't help it.
I've had too much of former Johnny's-fans changing to K-pop telling me that one day I will get there too, "because you will want something better, something cooler etcetc" and since I'm a fangirl who takes my fangirling far too serious I see that kind of comments as an insult and well, it has just really put me off when it comes to korean idols. Why is there so often fans that makes you not liking something? Stupid. Anyways, my hate against stupid fangirls VS my love for HanaDan. What's gonna win? I'm guessing HanaDan. But I'm quite sure, even before watching it, that it won't beat the japanese version. I mean, Oguri Shun. He is the perfect Hanazawa Rui and well yeah. Enough of my babbling.


School is getting more and more boring every day. X_X I really don't like our new textbooks. Oh the pains of getting into levels were they no longer have Minna no Nihongo. ^^;;

I'm gonna quit my babbling now. ^^;;;

Watched the first episode. Not overwhelmed but I liked it. ^__^ I still don't know the names of them, so I'm going with the japanese names. First, Rui is pretty! Except sometimes when you see something of a mustach on him. Domyouji looks like his reaching 30 and not like a high school student, and his perm is very ehum, lady-like, plus he seems to have borrowed the coat from jp HanaDan, the one with the fur. I'm amused by him though, and at the end of the ep you kinda started to see his cute, stupid side. The other two I haven't seen that much of yet. I like the girl. She's funny and cute. Overall, seems very promising, but not as good as some have said and certainly not as bad as other have.

I'm still craving Mei-chan. It's aired on Tuesdays! I'll make sure to hog the TV. ♥

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Mei-chan owns my soul! *________________________*
These past 30 hours I've slept about one. Which means bed for me, now. Soon.

Watched Uta no Oniisan today to, and also two episodes of a few years old taiwanese drama; KO One. Those episodes are about 30 or something and more than an hour long. O___O Oh well.

Have eaten lasagne today. &hearts; Delicious!
And this night me and a friend made pancakes that we ate with melted belgium chocolate and bananas. *________*
I am pleased with things today.

I want a new episode now!! This is why I don't like to watch dramas that are currently on TV.
What day is Mei-chan aired? Maybe I should start trying catching it on TV? Oh well.

Sleep. Before I die.
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I just watched the first episode of Mei-chan! ♥ I'm late I know. But OMG I ALREADY LOVE THIS DRAMA! ♥ I sense the poor third-person though. Why do they always have those? Can't people just fall happily in love? Anyways, uwaa~ SO MUCH LOVE! And I want a butler of my own too! *_______*


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