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Jun. 15th, 2010 01:09 am
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First thing first, Hi New friends! I fail for making new friends and then not posting a thing! XDDD

Anyway, I'm Therese, 24 years old, Swedish.. I've been studying acting for a while and now me and some people from my class are starting up a theatre group and we've rented a house to stay in beginning this fall and it will be all kinds of awesome and we'll be doing great things. :D We're going to be studying at the same time, a culture entrepreneur-thingie to help us start our business and deal with money and apply for money and things like that. So that's my plans for the future.
As for now I'm having a summer break, and instead of working I'm studying some courses on distance at different universities. One is about Buddhism and stuff, haven't started that one yet. And the other one is about vampires!!! I have to read and watch Twilight, but other than that, it's awesome!! I've read Dracula and watched Coppola's movie and now I'm ugh, reading Twilight and yeah.
Enough, so, my journal is all about eito and whining about my life. XD I have been really bad at updating for a while since we were working day and night for our premieres at school. But now I'm planning to update and be around loads more. :D
Oh, and if there's anything you want to ask me, just go ahead! :D

Anyways, I missed a few day of the meme, so, have a few at the same time! :D

day 01 - Favorite Kanjani8 song
day 02 - A rumor about any of the members that left you an impression
day 03 - A Yoko picture you can't take your eyes off
day 04 - Favorite song cover (sung by any member)
day 05 - Favorite Janiben Moment
day 06 - Favorite Member Engrish day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)
day 08 - A Ryo picture you can’t take your eyes off day 09 - Favorite Kanjani 8 PV
day 10 - A Hina picture you can't take your eyes off
day 11 - A Kanjani 8 member moment that makes you laugh your ass off
day 12 - Member/s wearing the Wackiest outfit you’ve ever seen
day 13 - Favorite Kanpani Moment
day 14 - A dream you had with a Kanjani 8 member, in great detail
day 15 - Favorite Kanjani 8 Quote (except from songs)
day 16 - An Okura picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 17 - The first Kanjani 8-related drama you thought of the moment you read this
day 18 - Fave OTP or Member-Ai moment
day 19 - A Maru pic you can’t take your eyes off
day 20 - A Fanwork (made by you or others)
day 21 - A picture of your Kanjani 8 Stuff
day 22 - Whatever tickles your fancy
day 23 - Chibi Kanjani 8 picture
day 24 - A Subaru picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 25 - Favorite Kanjani 8 Solo
day 26 - Favorite Concert DVD
day 27 - A Yasu pic you can’t take your eyes off
day 28 - Favorite Live Performance
day 29 - Favorite Group photo
day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy

day 04 )

day 05 )

day 06 )

day 08 )

Hm. I just realized I have accidentally put out nr 7, but oh well. Too lazy to fix it now. Will do day 08 tomorrow. :D

I should go sleep now. XD



Mar. 23rd, 2009 01:41 pm
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My throat is itching. Stupid stupid Sweden for making me sick like this. Today I've been packaging lots of uchiwas. To find things to send in that actually fits for uchiwas are such a pain.

I'm also scanning loads of pictures, mostly of Subaru, but also of course of all of eito. There are some really adorable young days-photos. And then there are all these photos that I don't know how to sort and it's so annoying. I'm still having a hard time figuring out what came first when it comes to photos before my time in the fandom. Oh poor me. XDD

Also, my 47 pamphlet is kind of falling apart. >___< I take such care of my collection, but I can't even look in it without pages loosening. Is this a common problem with that pamphlet or is it just my luck?

Oh well. I have some really sweet Subaru photos to make up for it. I mean, look at this:
And aaaw how cute!

Aaaw. I love chobi!Subaru! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Officially the best Subaru pic of the year!

Under a cut so you who do not wish to be spoiled wont. )

The calendar in all is just soooo shiny! *_______________* I WANT IT NOW! Stupid money.

On another note I looked through some old pictures today. I miss acting so much!
I mean where else do a whole bunch of people stand staring at someone stomach for ages?

Acting, why I miss it and pictures from our play. )

14 days left in Japan. Or, technically, 13 now. Oh God. That feels weird. I need to start cleaning out a little next week, since my friend is here the last week and I don't want to spend too much time at home, cleaning when she's here.

Ah~ Long entry is long.
Should go sleep now. XDDD


Mar. 5th, 2009 08:53 pm
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You know, sometimes you think that you've like, gotten over the worst flailing, that you've calmed down and you know, can speak without capital letters and all, but.. OMG! THE CALENDAR IS SO SHIIIINY! AND THE ALBUM WILL BE SO GREEEEAT AND YOKO IS TOO HOT TO HANDLE and Hina has old lady-hair! *__________________________________________________________*
I been flailing for hours and it just wont stop! *_______*

So I think this is the best time for a little meme. The other night when I couldn't sleep I was just browsing aimlessly and saw this great meme. I no longer remember where I saw it and the exact words and so, but it was something like this:

Fandom Love Meme.
Why do you love your fandom? What got you hooked, and what keeps you there? Explain, flail, do whatever, just tell us!

I want to tag people, but I don't know who, so I'll just tag my whole flist! Indulge me? ^___^

Eito love meme! )
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Feeling so much better now. ^____^ The night and the thoughts just overpowers me sometimes. But I skipped school yesterday, was planning to watch the Oscars, but we didn't have the right channel here, so I spent some time on internet and went to sleep.

Then [livejournal.com profile] luin_lotecame home and we watched the last episodes of Tenipuri. It's over. OMG. The finals almost killed me, but I love them all sooo much! And random appearance of Akutsu made me happy! It's funny how I really really hated him up until he was sweet to Dan. ^^;;;
Also, I have these tics when I start singing "saru, gorilla, chimpancee~" PoT has made me weirder than I was before.

Subaru is absolutely gorgeous in the new magazines. I just want to squeeze him! ♥

I calculated my attendance rate and even if I go to school every day from now on, I will still not get my certificate. Great. Oh well, I can still get that paper saying that I've been in school. And that's really all I need.

LJ fucked up my last entry so I'm deleting that and reposting the meme here instead, sorry if some of you have already read it. ^^;;

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Subjects given from [livejournal.com profile] alissa

On to the meme )
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This will not be as long as the other report, because well, most of the songs and everything was the same. Just some highlights and so.

Yesterday my seats was at the 2nd floor, south block and V row. Which was four rows away from being at the top of the whole hall. But I sat so I saw the stage from the front.
I took a picture with my phone, the camera sucks, but I'll post the pic anyway.
Hm. Oh well. At least it's a picture. ^^;;
This time again I sat next to three people who sat down most of the concert. This time they only stood at the Question? part. I just don't get it.

Not so short report. )
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So my computer dies on me, I just hope that these computers decides to work with me until the end.

I had a quite awesome seats for this concert. B Block2, second row. It's the second Blocks but the Budoukan wasn't that big, so I was close anyway. I had a man slightly to the right in front of me, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see anything once he stood up, but he kept sitting through the whole show, so I had a great view. Everyone around me except the three women on my right side had FuraFura towels around their necks. As did the whole hall. I saw read towels everywhere when I looked around.
The girls next to me kept on sitting down almost the whole concert, except for the parts where Matchy was on stage. They even stood up at the MC part, but not during the con if it was something else than Matchy. Oh well.

The stage was huge, it had two sets of drums, two sets of keyboards even though they only really would've needed one, since there's only Daisuke playing the keyboard. But he changed were he was sitting when he changed groups.
There was four levels at the stage. First the middlestage, that wasn't really used that much, with the drumsets on both side, and then the keyboards. Below that was the guitarists and bassplayers level, with the bassplayers on one side and the guitarplayers on the other side. And then was the center middle stage where the main singer stood. And from that stage there were stairs going down to yet another level of.. I don't know, standing area. ^^

When the lights dimmed )

Setlist credits:
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Because really, right now I can't write it.

BUT OH GOD! The pure damn love and feeling and everything pouring out of Subaru on stage! ♥

Just some things that happened, I'm too out of it to write anything properly right now.

*They did the above 10- above 20- above 30 and so on.. And there was one person there who was older than 70! O__O
* About 90% of the audience seemed to be furafura-fans with the furafura towel around their necks.
* All of FiVe had cut their hair especially for these concerts.
* Subaru HAD NOT cut his hair, and it's getting really long, and there was no stache!
* There was little, to no interaction between Baru and Tsubasa, but he did stare at Tsubasa during his flamenco, and they held hands in the end, when they were thanking the audience.
* Pray. OMG. That song. Seriously.
* They also did a Matchy-song that I don't know the name of and OMG. SUBARU.
* Both Rikiya and Subaru held their speaches about us all becoming one, us all being a part of JROCK Family and all that, I get just as moved every time I hear it.
* Matchy was probably the one being the least on stage.
* There was this great jam-part with all of them up on stage, except for Matchy and Tsu, were the old guy (name?) and Rikiya, and then old guy and violinist and then old guy and uesato jamed like crazy. It was great!
* Furafura dragged four people up on stage. Subaru hugged all of them.
* There was a lot of cameras, so I'm thinking maybe a DVD? If so, please do not add the part were they filmed were I was standing looking crazy cause Subaru was on stage. Please.
* Old guy, guitar, Matchy singing and Tsu dancing Flamenco. Andalucia ni Akogarete. OH YES!
* And last, but not least. SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU!

And he wore this shirt today:
And a grey hat with that.

Oh god.

Tomorrow again. This time with not as good seats. BUT it will be great. And I will see Takki in real life for the first time. ^^

EDIT: Now I have a full setlist and have made all the notes to remember, so there will be a concert report up this weekend! ^^


Jul. 16th, 2008 01:50 am
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Seriously. Today when I saw the Subaru-rumour-thing I thought I would die. First of all, who the hell comes up with this crap? Stupid tabloids, and second WHY did they remove the con-info on Johnny's web? I couldn't think straight until it came back up. Thank god it did so fast. 

Anyways. The thing that really annoys me now are that some people actually BELIEVE that crap of a article. Seriously!

But oh well. 
Subaru-cons are back on. I will be there. I will go to his solo-con. It makes me sooo happy! It's the greatest way to start my time back in Japan. And there will also be Okura solo-cons and Tsubasas! It will be a expensive but lovely first month! 
I still need to figure out when to go back though. If I'm there the 4th there won't be many cons left, but do I have the money for more? Don't know. Anyhow, that's for later. 

But I will be there for his solocons. Happiness! And I'm so happy to have seen so many parts of Kanjani 8. First the SubaruHina-thing, Yassus 818 and the springtour, and now I will see both Subarus and Okuras soloshows! Were do the luck end?! I bet Ryo will have a soloshow right after I leave again, just to even my luck out a little! ^^

The thought of the solo-con really makes me handle the fact that I'm not there for the summertour just a little. But when I read con-reports about the pure awesomeness of the cons I kinda want to go cry a little.
But if you're a fangirl to a group in a differrent side of the world, I just have to learn to handle it. >__< Don't wanna though! Oh well. 

Should I maybe sleep now..? ^^

In a daze.

May. 10th, 2008 02:31 am
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Ok. I just read one of the most amazing fanfics I have ever read! I'm so in love with it. Everyone should read it. It's Subassan and it's just. I can't describe it. Just read! 

This is so amazing! araanaz9, if you see this and don't want me to link to your fic, please tell me and I'll remove this at once.

Therese is in a happy haze now. I love when something I'm reading just clings to me and won't let go and just stays with me.

This makes me able to handle things like cockraoches in my apartment and far too difficult grammar and well. Just about anything. ^^


May. 5th, 2008 10:33 pm
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I should be writing about the wonderful concert, cause I want to actually finish it. But not just right now. Tomorrow I promise!

I just have to squeel a little about the total awesomeness of Subassan! I found this communitry yesterday that I totally lovelovelovelove! At it has the mooost wonderful fics and the most just lovely everything. I've been reading a lot of translations of interviews and j-webs and what-not and I die of the total cuteness! And squeel. I just can't seem to get Subaru out of mu head these days, and those two are just the greatest couple of time and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

And I loved the response to yet another hate-meme at the Kanjani-com. Ah, fellow eighters I LOVE YOU! <3

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I'm really reding too much porn these days. Anything NC-17-ranked makes me go all craaaaaazy. Oh god. When did I become such a perv? I blame it on Johnny's. I'm sure I wasn't this pervy before.. .  Maybe.

And talking about Johnnys. Me and Maria have been to both the BaruHina-show and the Yassu-show. How I love them. And the BaruHina-show almost killed me, cause like two minutes before the show started, Yassu, Yoko and Ryo came out and sat down about one metre from us. I actually thought I would pass out or something. And I'm impressed by myself that I actually didn't just stare at them through the whole thing, cause, well, they were so close. But the show was sooo great eventhough my japanese is far from good enough to actually understand half of it. And Yassu, oh Yassu. I love you so much. I got to hear Heavenly Psycho live for the first time and that worth so much. Oh god. How I love you.

I don't really know what to say here today. I just felt like writing something about me reading porn and since all of my family reads my blog nowadays it felt better to write it here.

ahaha. I don't know what I'm doing actually. To sleepdeprived after the wild wild wild karaoke-night this Friday. hm.

But, when I'm talking about fanfiction anyway I must just pimp some of my top favourite-writers. Probably only one of them even knows that I'm reading though cause I may be the worst person on earth at commenting. 
Anyway. My no1 favourite writer who always lights up my days when I see that she has updated is[info]kamexkame  Her fics makes me all warm and fussy inside and omg. She's just lovely. I absolutely adore everything shes written but my favourite must be the oh so lovely "Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me". I mean. It's RyoKame it's.. ah, me and words. Just read it!


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