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Listening to Nine Inch Nails. ♥

Anyways, memetiiiime!

day 03 - A Yoko picture you can't take your eyes off )

Today I went to the optician because my glasses broke a few moths ago or so, and I have only been using contacts since and they're running out and yeah. I got two pairs, they had this thing that you get the 2nd pair for half the price, and the store in itself is reaaaally cheap so yeah. I got one pair that was kind of big and grey and one pair that was purple-pink-darkred and had shiny flowers on the side. haha. XD They will be done in about 7-10 days. I can't wait! :D I reeeaaally liked both of them and it'll be nice to have two pairs so I can wear glasses according to how I'm feeling. :D

Also yesterday I went downtown to get some books at the library (which I never did until today haha) and to get a pair of shoes for the summer. haha. I got three, but utterly cheap ones. XD And I bought this wonderful wineglasses, six of them, pink, but just like, a tinge of pink.. uhm, don't know how to explain it, but yeah. They are loooovely! :D I also got some pens and a writing book and a tiny brush for a little painting project I'm doing this summer. :D I love that I'm allowed to buy things for the house I'm moving in to this fall and stuff like that, because I have neeeeds when it comes to shopping, and if it can't be clothes, then it has to be something else. XD

Oh, have I told you here that me and the others from the acting group we're forming are renting a house together? We'll have a big yellow house with horses and forests as our neighbours and we'll create the most awesome stuff together in our house! XDDD

Hm. This got long. And I'm not on my laptop because it refuses to have internet, so I don't have uhm, the thing I use to write in LJ with.. Uhm. How do I make cuts now? XD
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I got inspired by [livejournal.com profile] moka_n_waffles, and decided to take pictures of my collection. I swear, half way through I wanted to kill myself. XD Now my things are in piles at my floor and need to get back into my shelves. XDD

Let's start with what might be the best goods I've ever bought (except for my uchiwas XD). MY eito bedspread! I feel like 12 again! Not that I had my idols as bedspreads when I was 12, but if there would've been bedspreads, I would've had it! XD

The rest is under cut. LOADS of pics! )

Now now.

Jan. 25th, 2009 06:47 pm
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Looked through my pictures of the shop photos I have at home and since I got here I managed to buy six photos of Subaru I already have. Good work.XD

I woke up at 18.00 today. Oh great. Contemplating just staying up all night to make me really really tired tomorrow after school so I have to go to sleep early and get my sleeping hours back on track. We'll see about that.

Today I've been renaming some of the clips on my HD. Oh god. Why did I get that into my head. My fancams and news-clips in my already seen-folder is done. There's only 280GB left to rename. Looking very much forward to that. And I found some clips that I know I've never seen, but still they were in folders with things I've watched. o__O

I also did the first campaign post over at pretty boy love. I figured that putting more than 100 pictures in one post might be a little too much, so I made this one, and will make one or two more. Go check it out! community.livejournal.com/pretty_boy_love/271879.html#cutid1

Should I maybe spend the night with a Urajani marathon? Still have so much of that show that I haven't seen yet.

My friend went to Tsubasas concerts yesterday and today and I envy her for getting to see Tsubasa in mini skirt! I dream of a day when Subaru would wear that. I'm afraid that would be more funny than hot though. ^^;;;

Ah well.

Did I only dream it, or was there a Mitei Ichi fancam somewhere a while ago? Searching everyhere, but can't seem to find it. Have I just dreamt that there was? >_<
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So, I went goods hunting today. But not for me, I wasn't going to buy anything, seeing as I really really need to save the few money I have. But then I went to lovely lovely TRIO and found this lovely lovely uchiwa. That I just had to have.. And then, there was a few photos too. And then I had to go to another shop, cause all the things I was looking for wasn't at TRIO. And I had to look through the albums with shop photos there too.. Because, you know, they are cute. And I found quite some lovely ones there too. )Photobucket
Isn't it just too beautiful?!
I might have bought some pictures that I might or might not have at home already.
This I had bought like two weeks ago, so if anyone is interested, buy it from me!

I definitely have some shopaholic issues that I should take care of soon. But I mean, what really makes you happy? Food or increasing your Johnny's collection? ^^;;;;

Anyways, did a meme asking people to ask me to take pictures of whatever they could think of.
[livejournal.com profile] orangerobots wanted a picture of my favourite food.
Okonomiyaki. The best thing ever! ♥

[livejournal.com profile] __oh_mercy_me__ wanted a pic of the view outside my window.
Taken tonight, so quite hard to see anything. . ^^;; Not the loveliest view.

[livejournal.com profile] hikage_hikari wanted a pic of the contents of the bag I always have with me.
Now this is ridiculous! Wallet, a small purse containing small towel (designed by Yasu), tissues, some make-up, band aids and other stuff, passport, keys, gloves, cellphone, camera, cigarettes, lip balm, mp3-player, USB stick (????????), milk tea.. Now really. How do I even have room for my school books on weekdays? O___O

[livejournal.com profile] tegawa wanted a pic of my bathroom. Since I live in a guest house I don't have a proper bathroom, but oh well. Here's the toilets:
Don't flush the napkin people!
And the washbowl-room:

Yup. That's it!

Aaah. I should get a start on my NEWS concert report. But seeing how I failed at the Subaru report, I don't really feel like it. But I need to get it done soon, before everything has slipped my mind.

EDIT: On a wim I went and nominated Subaru over at [livejournal.com profile] pretty_boy_love . Once the voting has started, please go and vote. ^^;;; And if there are any pics that I need to have on the campaigns, please tell me. ^__^
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I have the most amazing friends on earth. Really. I must have done something great in my former life, cause I don't know anything that I've done in this life to deserve the sweethearts that are my friends!

I think there is something very wrong with me. I go from superdepressed to superhappy in a millisecond. Yesterday night I spent I-don't-wanna-know-how-long curled up in bed crying, and today I feel great! I think it has a whole lot to do with the above mentioned great friends of mine.  ♥

On to crazy shoppinglist! )
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Yes. I found it today. The perfect hat. The one I've been looking for for ages.
It was just there and spoke to me, I heard it sing "Buy me~ Bu~y me!" And I did. And I love it. Oh so made of WIN it is. I love it. So much.
People who say that shopping doesn't make you happy. Well, I guess you never bought any really lovely, beautiful shoes or the perfect hat. Or anything.

I mean, look at it!

Can you do anything but love it? Didn't think so no!! And ignore the hopeless poser >_<

And I'm gonna repimp my phone too. Bought these big lovely flowers. Need to buy more stones and stuff though. I love to do things like that. Don't know the english word, but pilliga grejer in swedish.
Let's translate that in one of those translators on the net, maybe it will turn out to mean cowabunga as "kyaa" was translated into! Priceless! ^^

Oh. Just need to say that [livejournal.com profile] kamexkame  might be the sweetest girl alive! ^^ Everyone, go take a look at her journal and read her amazing fics!! ^^

OH! AND I found sparkling mineral water today! That's a first in Japan, and I, who love sparkling water above everything, am now convinced that Japan is the best country on earth. Nothing is missing here anymore! Hurray!

By the way, I have listed 100 verbs that I'm gonna learn. Oh so much fun. ^^
And I 'm gonna start studying kanji on my own. Five a week maybe? Yeah. I love kanji!

Ok minna. I'm all bubbly and talkative today. No good when it's sleepingtime for me! Oh well. That's life. ^^

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So. I've been in Japan for a week and one day.
It has been absolutely lovely.
Well, most of it.
My three hours ride from Narita to Matsudo wasn't the best thing I've done in my life. And I defenetily did not pay 900 swedish krones to drive around half of Chiba to take some other people to their homes. Oh noes I didn't.

BUT! When I finally arrived at my Guesthouse in Matsudo, my ticket to Subaru was waiting there for me.
Follow me for Subaru-, Tsubasa-, and A.B.C-Z & Kis-My-Ft2 -concertreports! )
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Today I finally had time to clean up my room which have been a mess ever since I got here.
And when I did I also unpacked what I thought to be a pillowcase that I bought in the Johnny's-shop yesterday. And it turned out to be a bedspread. I can now lay down on KANJANI 8! That's just, for the win!
I was allready standing in line when I saw those, and where like, a pillowcase with Kanjani, why havent I bought that one yet? And then I took it, and it was even better!!! YEY for me being impulsive!

Here it is! don't you just LOVE it?! Need to get back to the shop though, and buy another one, so I can use this without worries. ^^;;;


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