Apr. 9th, 2009 02:50 am
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Been sitting and making lists of dl and am getting quite tired of it. Why have eito had so many TV shows?? XDD Waiting for a response about maybe take over/co-mod a already existing comm. That would be so good if I could, but if not, I'll have to create a new one instead.

Me being so ambitious kind of frightens me, since I have a tendency to start a lot of projects and then.. I just don't keep going. XDD But that would be such a failure now, so I'll try. XDD

I'm feeling happy today. Not that I haven't been before, just.. To walk around with nothing to do for too long is not good for me. My sleeping schedule as well as my eating schedule is all over the place. No good. I smoke damn much instead, when I can afford it. XD

But this weekend all my friends who no longer lives here is coming home, since it's Easter and there'll be wine and pub and pizza and showing my Johnny's collection to people who are too nice to tell me they don't care. *___*

I'm also thinking about maybe visiting my friend in Linköping next week, if she's ok with it. Sure, she comes home this weekend, but I'd love to spend some more time with her, and especially some alone time when we can just sit down and talk. It all depends on if I can make my money last. God. I hate being broke so damn much. X_X

Next Friday is my deadline for my school application to be sent. I need to give myself one, because nothing's happening here. XDD

Started watching Meteor Garden 2. I think I've seen about 4-5 episodes, but I started from the beginning since it was quite a while since I saw it. I love that they kiss for real in tw dramas! *__*

Watched some Urajani a few days ago, remember because I looked through my caps and found this:
Now now Subaru. Those glasses?! XDD

Still craving PV's so bad! GIVEGIVEGIVE US!!!! *_________*

Hm. I said to myself that I should be in bed sleeping at 01.00 today.. She's 03.00 now. X__X Fail fail fail!

Now I dug up my chair though, so I won't keep on falling asleep on people all the time. I have no internet manners at all! XD I have a tendency to just walk downstairs to like, drink some water of whatever and ending up in front of the TV or something, and the discussion I was in the middle of upstairs on MSN kind of dies down. XD Failfail.

There was some point of writing, I just forgot it on the way. XDD

There is so much to dl and I have no space. About 3GB on my external, none on the laptop and no DVD-Rs or anything to do something about it. I refuse to erase stuff, even if it's easy to find again.. Because the TIME it takes.. The first I'm gonna buy when I got my first pay is a 1000GB harddrive! *_______* GIVE ME MONEEEEEEYS!
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My life right now, stated as above.

School has started again. I'm now taking the intensive course, meaning I have afternoon classes from 13.30 to 17.00. Nice, I can sleep in the mornings. My class is dead boring. Really now. DEAD boring.
I hope that my first impressions of the people in my class wont be how they really are. In that case, I like three people in my class. >_<
I have also gotten to change school building. This is the strange one were I never wanted to be. The classrooms are small as hell, there are no heat whatsoever outside the classrooms, which mean going to the toilet is a pain, and there are no windows.
The teachers are good though, nice and funny. No Hashimoto-sensei though.
Tomorrow it's the first kanji class and I might be starting in level 1 cause on my test I didn't write like any kanji. Allthough the test was more focused on reading than writing.. And I can read more than I can write so. We'll see tomorrow!

But after school me and [livejournal.com profile] luin_lote are watching Sailor Moon, Desperate Housewives and Prince of Tennis. I love SM soo much and Mamoru is the most perfect man ever, after Tom in DH of course. I love him to no end!

Today I downloaded Uta no onisan and Voice and will watch them tomorrow. This time I will keep up with the dramas I want to see and watch them if not on TV, then at least when it's still airing.

Saw the Shigotonin covers today. That is some hot stuff! Looking forward to them on MS and SCP, and the Hina stagereport. Allthough I have kept myself from reading fanreports so that I will not be all "I have to go I have to go I have to go" and spend money I don't have on a ticket. Need to pay the rent Therese, need to pay the rent Therese!
Downloaded Can!jani too cause I saw there was Subassan. I have missed out on soo much due to full HD and lack of time!

Anyways, I'm stealing meme from [livejournal.com profile] __oh_mercy_me__ cause it sounds like fun:
Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you’re interested in or curious about. It can be anything from my favorite shirt to my cell phone. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry.
I'm such a sucker for memes, so please comment a little? ^__^

Ok. On to Can!Jani now. ^^
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Ok. I will be updating and making my lj worth reading. Soon. 

I'm currently trying to write my first fic (yeeeey). A Ryoda-fic. Maybe maybe I will have the guts to post it. Maybe not. Depends on how it turns out. Anyway.

Right now I should be cleaning. I'm such a bad person. wellwell.

I don't really have that much to say. I'll continue reading some fics instead.


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