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I have 10 hours of work tomorrow. In sets of 5 hours, 4 hours off and then another 5 hours, then it's Monday and I work 7-14 and then on Tuesday yet another 10 hours day. And then I have SIX DAYS OFF!! YAY! And it's the festival! I am happy-face! :D
I'm completely ignoring the fact that after those days I'll have 11 workdays in a row, beacuse, well, why angst about that allready. There will be enough of complaints about that when I'm there.

My plans for today was laundry, which I did, and hung out and then the sky opened and the worst rain fucking ever came down. XD And to clean, and pack my stuff for the festival and make ehm.. blandband.. You not, cassette tape-things. I love making them but it takes ages and I'm supposed to have them done until Hultsfred. Oh well. My 4 hours inbetween work tomorrow will have to be very productive then. XD

I've been thinking about my future a little today. I now have one year in school and then I'm going to apply for all the biggest acting schools in Sweden. I don't really expect to get in on my first try. Now the question is, what will I do if I don't get in? Been thinking about maybe going to Norway to work for maybe half a year, a year and then go travelling and be back for the next time to apply for the schools again. It would be nice. Why I'd like to work in Norway is because the pay is insanely high there. And I've never been to Norway, even though it's my neighbouring country. Anyhow. That would be a good idea.
Now the question is, in that case, where to? I've been wanting to take the Trans-Siberian railroad for ages. Maybe going to Beijing? I want to travel so baaaaaad! And I hate that I can't really make up any plans, since I have to know how my school applications will go first. Well well. This would be more than a year ahead of me so.. I should just take it easy. XD

Ahh~ I don't really have that much to say. I just don't want to go to bed, eventhough I really should. XD
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Feeling so much better now. ^____^ The night and the thoughts just overpowers me sometimes. But I skipped school yesterday, was planning to watch the Oscars, but we didn't have the right channel here, so I spent some time on internet and went to sleep.

Then [livejournal.com profile] luin_lotecame home and we watched the last episodes of Tenipuri. It's over. OMG. The finals almost killed me, but I love them all sooo much! And random appearance of Akutsu made me happy! It's funny how I really really hated him up until he was sweet to Dan. ^^;;;
Also, I have these tics when I start singing "saru, gorilla, chimpancee~" PoT has made me weirder than I was before.

Subaru is absolutely gorgeous in the new magazines. I just want to squeeze him! ♥

I calculated my attendance rate and even if I go to school every day from now on, I will still not get my certificate. Great. Oh well, I can still get that paper saying that I've been in school. And that's really all I need.

LJ fucked up my last entry so I'm deleting that and reposting the meme here instead, sorry if some of you have already read it. ^^;;

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Subjects given from [livejournal.com profile] alissa

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Feb. 20th, 2009 05:15 am
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Been writing my speach in japanese due tomorrow, or, today. Why do I have to do everything last minute. And why did I have to write about acting? Oh God. But now it's done and I still have almost six hours to sleep before I have to get up to get ready. ^^;;;

It's only one page in my book, probably about two and half on those japanese style papers. I wonder if that's enough for a three minutes speach? It should. I'm not going to look at it again anyway.

The longest time I've been studying at home since I got here. This took me about two hours, and I had about half of the speach written allready. I did make lots of changes, but still. It took me two fucking hours. Last time I'm starting on something at 3AM. X___X
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Today I had my first kanji lesson. And I was thrilled when I got into the classroom and I realized that my teacher was my beloved Hashimoto-sensei. Now everything with school feels so much better.
And her "Ah! Therese-san!" giving me a hug and then "I miss you!" aaw. Her cute english and her cute self. As usual she talked about her love for alcohol and about her refrigirator in her room where she has "beer, beer, beer, wine, beer, beer, shoshuu, beer, beer!" I adore her so much. And she has learned one sentence in swedish that she apparently repeated to some swedes in another class and they were all like "huh?!". The sentence being; Var är alla rika killar? Which means Where's all the rich men?. And she says it in such a cute way! ♥ I adore her! &hearts:♥♥

Then I was back to my damn class, but today we had the best teacher of the three I have in my class, and the girl sitting next to me talked a lot today so I didn't feel quite as bad about my class today.
But I hate when people makes my prejudiced opinions about people from certain places, proven right. There are these three people in my class that I just can't stand. The two Americans that seem to think that the only country that is anything is their beloved US. Now now, if they think so and everything in Japan is just shit, why are they even here? And then there's this Swedish guy who's so full of himself I want to slap him every time he opens his mouth. From Stockholm of course.
But other than those three, my class are pretty fine. It's just that those three are the ones that you hear all the time >_<

Then I went home and was all inspired and started writing fic. O___O Don't know what inspired me really, Hashimoto maybe. XD Anyways, one second I was writing and the next I was sleeping. Slept until 22.30. Great Therese! Made food at 00.30. Now really, my sleeping hours and eating time is all over the place! No wonder I've lost 8 kg since I got here! I really must try to keep my sleeping time and eating time in place now. It's not healthy. And sleeping in late, not seeing daylight almost at all, makes it so much easier to feel depressed, just like the other day. I'm a summer child and I need the light.

Anyways. Tonight will not be the night to get to sleep early, cause I'm all inspired and want to write that con report from the Q?/Five/Furafura concert. Looked up a setlist from that day yesterday and will get started now. I wonder how much I will be able to remember once I get started? A lot I hope.

BTW, does anyone know if there are any recordings from one of those shows? I want it so badly!

Now, onto the report!
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For real! I need to start studying my kanji soon! It's so bad that I know so little and now when I found this wonderful blog where there's so much written about Uchis concerts I need to read it and I just can't! A kanji dictionary and studying, that's what I need. If I don't start to look through the stuff I already know soon I will have to go to the beginners class again when it's time to start learning kanji again, and I so don't want that.

I've been shopping christmasgifts today. They will probably be in Sweden after New Years, but hey! It's the thought that counts right? ^__^

Tomorrow I'm going to IKEA to buy swedish Christmasfood. YEY! Even if I don't get Christmas Eve off from school we will at least have Christmas food! I love Christmas so much! And it feels so strange not to be home during the holidays. But oh well. And today Tokyo was hot as hell and then all of a sudden it started raining and getting really windy and I almost died from cold walking home from the station.

There are the most hideous decorations outside of our trainstation. Really really hideous. It's very very tackey. Need to take a photo one day soon! Tomorrow maybe.

Saw all the news clips from Uchis concert and OMG. I love him so much! He is so pretty and lovely and he is just too fantastic! Can't wait for the shop photos! They'll sure be lovely too! I love him so much. And I'm so happy that I got to go. A week ago I thought I wouldn't be able to.
And half of eito went! They love him so much! And I need to read a fanreport of it! I want to know what they said during the MC. Where are all the translators when you need them? ^^;;;

And soon there will be NEWS. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to afford it but. I'll just tell my brother that when I'm coming to visit him in Australia I just want to lay on the beach, not doing anything unless he pays. ^^;;; The only thing I want to spend money on is a bikini. mhm.

And I desperately need to get myself a haircut. It's such a mess right now! Ah.

I'm just babbling. Need to go get some sleep.
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Today I overslept. Til 12.00. Considering it takes about 30-45 minutes to get to school I just skipped it. And stayed in bed until around 2. I really should not miss out on school right now, with the test coming up Wednesday. But I thought, ok, then I'll study today to make up for it. Still hasn't gotten started on that one yet.
I have been watching to episodes of Sex and the City with [livejournal.com profile] luin_lote though. I love that series. I hate/love Mr Big and all shoes ever shown in that show gets me all greedy.
And when we watched those episodes, I went down to the kitchen to make food. After that I was going to study. I kinda happened to get stuck on LJ reading fanfiction instead. Why och why do I fail so tremendously at life? Need to get a grip!

Tomorrow it's Friday though. Apparently we're going to interview the level 3 conversation class. Wu-yey-yey! Don't feel like it. And I'm starting to get obsessive about the test, which makes it even weirder that I don't fucking study for it. Failfailfail.

Talking about obsessiveness. Heroes, and Heroes fanfiction has become one of my most recent obsessions. I really cannot stop myself. And eventhoug the series in itself seems intend on splitting up my favourite-pairing Matt/Mohinder there is still loads of pleasure to get out from fans not wanting the same thing.
Allthough the most liked pairing seems to me Sylar/Mohinder. I don't know what to think about that one. At all. I don't know what I think about Sylar from one minute to the other, the same goes for Mr Bennet.
Anyways. Since we have catched up with the series now we have to wait a week for every new episode. Such a pain. That's why you should never watch any TV-series that are still on TV. >_<

Ok. Now I should stop finding excuses for not studying and get a move on. Damnit, test in less than a week. No good no good.

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Well, first of all she shouldn't be in a night-open internetcafe. That's stupid. Really. When you need to sleep.
Second, she shouldn't start to download 47 neoki subbed. That will take hours. When she should sleep.
Third, she shouldn't reread her favourite fanfics. That makes it even more impossible to go home and sleep when she's to tired to be sleepy.
Fourth, she really shouldn't be writing strange things in her journal. Really.
Fifth, she just shouldn't. Anything. She should sleep. Well. She's stupid and she doesn't. But what's a girl to do when she found the best way to motivate her for the studying tomorrow? One ranger waking up after every hour of studying. Now. How much studying will it be if she goes to bed this late? Not that much, since she will sleep half of the day. Which will make her unable to sleep sunday night and oh so tired Monday in school. She really isn't too bright that girl. Really.

Ok. I'm hopeless. I'm going home now. I hope I won't make Maria up. Maria bought me a Yoko-uchiwa today. She's lovely and the uchiwa too.

Ok. Sleep. Now.

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Ok. I'm kinda bored at the moment.  And I smell like pancakes. Making food in our apartment is not a good thing. The apartment is tiny and everything smells food afterwards. That's probably why we don't make that much food. Or because we're just lazy bums. But oh well. This friday me and Maria went to the imperial theatre to take som photos of the place and the lovely poster because we forgot that when we actually were there for the show. I love that poster. I mean, Kame, Koki and Yabu are obvisiously naked. And it has Kisumai and ABC. Fujigaya is so damn hot. I can't help myself when I see him. I have to drool and make strange noises. Oh. But I do that a lot even if it's not Fujigaya. I'm just perverted. hoho.

Oh. And that other picture by the way. Me, Maria and Nane were in Kiddieland the other day. Wich is just heaven of cuteness. And I found me if I would hava been a My Little Pony. I just forgot her name, but it something Cutie cascade or something. And she's pink. I love her. I have to by her before I go home.

I'm having a test on wednesday. I'm not looking forward to that. I've been planning to study all week. Still haven't. So tomorrow I will have no life and just study japenese verbs and their formcanges all day. I'm so looking forward to that. And I HAVE TO learn all of katakana. I should've known all of them for at least a month now. Therese. Why are you so hopeless? And in April I'll start in the intensive course and then there will be kanji. So now it's really time! Ganbarimasu! hoho.

Ok. Now I should stop writing before I start saying strange things. I just deleted a long part that I realized that noone ever would be interested in reading.

I've been in a writing-mood lately. I don't think I have ever kept on writing on the same thing as the Ryo/someone-fic I've been writing lately. The problem is that I do write kinda good porn, it's just the parts in between that are REALLY really bad. I wish I could write. I would be able to write harlequin-books though. I guess you could make a lot of money on that. Isn't/wasn't that Barbara Cartland really rich all because of her writing sleazy romance with a lot of porn? I could to that. Then I would be rich and able to live in Tokyo and spend a lot of money on my Johnnys-collection. That would be great. Although I doubt that harlequin have a boyslove-category. Oh well. I can live with that. I can write heteroporn too. yey. My future is saved. And I should stop now. Really. I think I'm tired. My bad sence of humour gets even worse then. hoho. I wonder if anyone will keep on reading 'til the end?

Ok. That's all folks! 


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