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Mar. 1st, 2009 12:51 am
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My head hurts.
My computer keeps on dying. As usual MSN refuses to work, BUT now also my mail is being stupid.
And did I say my head hurts? >____________________________________________<

I want to sleep, but I slept for so long today that my body wont let me. Or maybe it's just my aching head that won't let me.

Getting back in bed now.
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My own computer is not working yet. And these common area computers are all stupid. Tried to answer comments yesyerday but it took me about 1 hour to answer 4, with the computer choosing to close down the internet\windoes after every comment. So I have now given up. As soon as my own computer works again, I'll be back for real. And there are new Can!Jani episode and Shigotonin PV up and I can't download! Annoying! I really need to start watching Kanjani\things on TV though. Oh well.

The only thing I can properly do without computer being mean is sometimes posting entrys and read fanfiction. I guess computer approves of the porn.
I'm just worried that someone will take a look at what I'm reading and see words like "cock" and "cum" and well, yeah, you get the picture. So I'm all paranoid while I'm reading. >_<

Yesterday I ended up drinking some whiskey with some people here at the guesthouse and at 4 o'clock I decided that everyone needs to have watched something with Kanjani in their life, so I made them all watch the DVDs from Musekinin Hero. I choose to believe that they loved it, they were just too embarassed to tell me.
I also started to try to explain in japanese that I ship Subassan and that I believe that they are a couple for real.
I also had a discussion about Prince of Tennis with a guy who liked it very much. And actually he agreed that golden pair are so married. He also said that I had a sick mind when I sad that I can so picture what interesting things Akutsu and Dan are doing when no one's around.
I should not start talking about those kind of things with people outside of the fandom. But it really fascinates me that something so full of fanservice as PoT attracts people who are not interested in slash. I guess you can watch it from another point of view. Somehow.

Today I got up at 15.00. It's so great how I am not able to keep my sleeping hours at all. >__<

Tomorrow I hope that the computer nerd has completed the download of whatever it is that I need to get my computer to start again. I'm afraid that it can take about a week though. Lets hope not!

Well. Some tea and some porn feels like a good combination, just me by the computers now, so it's safe!
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This morning my  computer decided to give up on me completely.  It  just keeps on starting up all over again everytime it has come to starting up windows.
I asked two slightly geek looking guys for  help. They couldnt do anything with what they had, but they are looking for something on the internet to download, burn on a cd and put into my dear computer to make it  work.
There is a risk that I will have to reinstall all programs and stuff. But all my eitostuff is luckliy on my external HD so it doesnt really matter. The only thing that vexes me is my favourites list. But oh well.

I still be able to use the computers in the hall, but they suck big time, so, probably will not be around  until lovely lovely geek boys found something to help her out with. Decided that I need a name for my computer. Maybe thats why shes not too happy with me, need to name my babies. Any suggestions?

I might actually have a working computer later tonight, but Im not gonna get my  hopes up.

So flist. Ill catch up with you as soon as possible! ♥

If you havent seen me around for a while and there is some big news, please mail me on my keitai:  furypi@softbank.ne.jp              Ok. Im overreacting quite a lot right now but hey, Im not used to being without a pc anymore!
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My computer have died on me four times today. It takes 5-7 days to move money from my paypal to my bank account. Everything that is still left in our textbook in school I've already studied. I'm broke. I've tried getting in touch with my parents for several days now, but I haven't been able to.

Even though all of the above, I'm in a really good mood today. Don't ask me how that happened!
I made yet another post to pimp Subaru out at pretty_boy_love. When I looked at it afterward I wasn't as pleased as I thought, but my computer died when I was in the middle of doing it! Thank god for semagic and its automatic saving!
When my computer died I watched Prince of Tennis with [livejournal.com profile] luin_lote instead. So made of win. I need to start looking for some PoT-porn! ♥

I got suddenly hungry a while ago and the only thing I had in my fridge was a can of corn. And the only thing to eat with, chopsticks. Must have looked interesting! But it was good and I'm not dying of hunger anymore. Need to buy food tomorrow! XD

Ok. I don't really have anything to say, obviously.


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