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Jun. 15th, 2010 01:09 am
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First thing first, Hi New friends! I fail for making new friends and then not posting a thing! XDDD

Anyway, I'm Therese, 24 years old, Swedish.. I've been studying acting for a while and now me and some people from my class are starting up a theatre group and we've rented a house to stay in beginning this fall and it will be all kinds of awesome and we'll be doing great things. :D We're going to be studying at the same time, a culture entrepreneur-thingie to help us start our business and deal with money and apply for money and things like that. So that's my plans for the future.
As for now I'm having a summer break, and instead of working I'm studying some courses on distance at different universities. One is about Buddhism and stuff, haven't started that one yet. And the other one is about vampires!!! I have to read and watch Twilight, but other than that, it's awesome!! I've read Dracula and watched Coppola's movie and now I'm ugh, reading Twilight and yeah.
Enough, so, my journal is all about eito and whining about my life. XD I have been really bad at updating for a while since we were working day and night for our premieres at school. But now I'm planning to update and be around loads more. :D
Oh, and if there's anything you want to ask me, just go ahead! :D

Anyways, I missed a few day of the meme, so, have a few at the same time! :D

day 01 - Favorite Kanjani8 song
day 02 - A rumor about any of the members that left you an impression
day 03 - A Yoko picture you can't take your eyes off
day 04 - Favorite song cover (sung by any member)
day 05 - Favorite Janiben Moment
day 06 - Favorite Member Engrish day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)
day 08 - A Ryo picture you can’t take your eyes off day 09 - Favorite Kanjani 8 PV
day 10 - A Hina picture you can't take your eyes off
day 11 - A Kanjani 8 member moment that makes you laugh your ass off
day 12 - Member/s wearing the Wackiest outfit you’ve ever seen
day 13 - Favorite Kanpani Moment
day 14 - A dream you had with a Kanjani 8 member, in great detail
day 15 - Favorite Kanjani 8 Quote (except from songs)
day 16 - An Okura picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 17 - The first Kanjani 8-related drama you thought of the moment you read this
day 18 - Fave OTP or Member-Ai moment
day 19 - A Maru pic you can’t take your eyes off
day 20 - A Fanwork (made by you or others)
day 21 - A picture of your Kanjani 8 Stuff
day 22 - Whatever tickles your fancy
day 23 - Chibi Kanjani 8 picture
day 24 - A Subaru picture you can’t take your eyes off
day 25 - Favorite Kanjani 8 Solo
day 26 - Favorite Concert DVD
day 27 - A Yasu pic you can’t take your eyes off
day 28 - Favorite Live Performance
day 29 - Favorite Group photo
day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy

day 04 )

day 05 )

day 06 )

day 08 )

Hm. I just realized I have accidentally put out nr 7, but oh well. Too lazy to fix it now. Will do day 08 tomorrow. :D

I should go sleep now. XD

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Ok. First things first.

I fail and being late, but anyways.

Happy belated Birthday [livejournal.com profile] elyndys
I hope you had a shiny birthday with loads of great gifts and yummy things to eat and other things one should have at ones birthday. :D
Here, have some cutem young Subaru. :D


So, I survived last week's crazy schedule, barely, but I did. XD Now we're working with light, and our big monologue projects are starting tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it so much! I found this play I want to take the monologue from. Problem is, there is no as long as required monologues in it. So I'm in the middle of putting it together to fit. I already have an idea of what I want to do with it, which feels great. :D

Today we had our own monologues in the cellar. I was without a good idea of what to do until 12-1 o'clock last night. Stayed up too late thinking about it, and I didn't have the time to really try it out for myself in the cellar before we were supposed to show it to everyone. But it all went really well and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. And I love when the feelings just comes, I wanted to cry on stage, and I did without having to fake it. YAY! XD

The rest of the day I went home to sleep. I'm still sick. Or, I was fine, except for a little coughing for a day or two but now my throat hurts like hell and I'm having a bad headache. I'm going to take an aspirin and then go to bed in a little while and hope that it will all pass by tomorrow. I don't want to be sick anymore. It's making working in school so much harder. I don't have the energy to move as much as required when in acting class. GRR!

Oh well.

I still love school though! :D Am so excited about these monologues. I just want to dig into it right away! I just hope that we will have the opportunity to work on it without getting too many other projects to work on too. Our teacher seems to like to give us shitloads of assignments all at once.
Well, I do have my own play to write too.... Hm. I haven't done a thing on that one. I know the theme for it, but that's all and I think we're supposed to have at least a synopsis done in two weeks or something, and then the script done in another two-three weeks. ehum. I better get a move on then. XD

I'm just babbling again. I really should just go to bed now.

Nightienight~ ♥


Sep. 2nd, 2009 05:03 pm
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Ok. First things first! Allthough I'm a day late. >_< HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] moka_n_waffles♥♥♥

I hope you had a lovely birthday and that you got a lot of nice gifts and ate lovely cake~ I'm so happy that I've gotten to know you and I hope we will get to know each other even better!
Since I haven't done anything shiny for you, because I fail at life, have some hot Subaru:


Also, if you could PM me your address I might have something little for you~ :D

In other news, I'm sick and we're working from 8.30 AM tp 10.00 PM everyday for this week. Not funny. The monologue have been moved until Tuesday next week and yeah.. No rest. XD
I do love it here, but OMG having these kind of long days when I normally would have stayed at home not moving from my bed except for maybe getting something to eat, is not funny.
But it's only tomorrow left, and then it's Friday and we have a short day, which I'm going to stay at home from I think, and then I'll be going to Linköping to shop and see my boyfriend. I just hope I'm not going to be sick there too.

I also bought a new laptop yesterday. I wanted a pink one, but I didn't find one that wasn't too expensive, so I got a white one and will pimp it up myself later. XD
I can't wait for it to arrive home. Want nooooooow~ I really really hope it gets here Friday so I can have it when getting on the 3 hours train to Linköping.

Yeah.. Other than that I don't have much to say. Gonna go lay down now. But before that, there are some memes goign around that I'd like to do so...

Photograph meme
Give me as many things/people/places as you want. (i.e my job, my family, my room, my computer, my coffee cup etc), then I will try my best to take a picture of it!

Top Five meme
Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post. Probably with pictures if possible.
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Well. Let's just start with me complaining so I get that over with.

Tonight I went home from Shibuya at around 23.00. That means really crowded trains. I usually don't have a problem with them. I mean, I don't like them, but they are bearable. But there is one thing I just can't stand, and that's men, because it's always men, standing and sleeping and leaning on everyone around him. My back and my shoulders started hurting really bad tonight and to have that damn guy pressuring my shoulders over and over again was not what I wanted. And it annoys me that all japanese are too polite to tell them off because I don't want to be the impolite foreigner who starts rattle in the middle of crowded train. But it fucking hurt and I just wanted to fucking scream. That's what I really do not like about Japan. Middle-aged businessmen who behave how the hell they want to. >___<

And also, why do people say that they are going to buy this or that from me, and then I get a mail the day I've said was the last day to pay and ask if they can pay half of it?! >__< I have clearly explained that if I do not get the payment I will put it up for sale again, end of story. I am just annoyed with peoples stupidness sometimes.
Oh god. I seem so bitter. I promise you, I'm usually a nice person!

Now, on to the good part! One of my best friends came to Tokyo today. Dearest Maria. I haven't seen her in almost six months, and it's the longest time I've ever gone without seeing her!
Me were supposed to meet up in Shibuya after school but me and [profile] luin_lotedecided to skip school today and surprise her at her hotel. But since she hadn't arrived yet we went to this huge store with all the things you can ever need. I mean, big packs of eyelashes, schoolgirl uniforms for men, alarmclocks, fryingpans, etcetc. ^___^

And then Maria finally arrived at her hotel so we went there and IIIIIH! ♥ I've missed her so much! She will be here for about to months to do an internship, or what you should call it, at a school. She's studying to be a teacher. So I won't be seeing her for a while, so this week now before I go home and she goes to Fukuoka we'll be seeing loads of each other and doing loads of fun stuff. Tomorrow we'll go to Yoyogi Koen and Meiji Jingu (if the weather is nice), then we're eating ramen and probably head back to her hotel to just catch up on these six months without seeing each other together with a bottle of wine. ^___^
There is Odaiba, Johnny's-shop, TRIO, Johnny's Fanclub, karaoke, okonomiyaki and just to be together. ♥

Also, in Shibuya some guys started talking to us and wanted to take us karaoking, we were both too dead for it, but they were really nice and I feel so pleased at how easily I speak japanese now. I need to keep studying up when I get back home as to not lose half of what I've learned.

This last week will be quite busy for me, so I apologize ahead of being a bad lj-friend. But then I'll be back in Sweden with lots of freetime on my hands, so expect more from me then. I'm pretending that returning home is not quite that close. Don't. Want. To Leave.

Also, shiny calendars at HMV. *makes grabby-hands* Will. Wait. 'Til. Next Week.
Photobook for Puzzle huh? I love you so much eito! ♥

And lastly, a lot of people on my flist seems to have a hard time right now. To you: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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I have the most amazing friends on earth. Really. I must have done something great in my former life, cause I don't know anything that I've done in this life to deserve the sweethearts that are my friends!

I think there is something very wrong with me. I go from superdepressed to superhappy in a millisecond. Yesterday night I spent I-don't-wanna-know-how-long curled up in bed crying, and today I feel great! I think it has a whole lot to do with the above mentioned great friends of mine.  ♥

On to crazy shoppinglist! )
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Today Nane and Caro finally came! I was so happy to see them again, both half dead after the flight, but happy. And we went to buy our NEWS-tickets and actually found four so we can all sit together! YEY!
New Year I will spend at a NEWS-con and then we will look up the best party and have a great tar time afterwards too.

And dearest F-list, just want to apologize in advance that I probably wont be able to keep up with you the days coming. >_< We will try to press in as much as possible before I go to Australia. Tomorrow it's time for the fanclub and after that eating curry, and then we're gonna meet Nanes homestay-family from her stay here.
The day after that? Allready forgot, but there sure was a lot. So happy that they are here!
Got a Christmasgift from Nane today! A Subassan one (everything that is red and blue and hug are obvisiously Subassan)! HAPPY!

I'm going to yet another con! I am so happy! Now I need to go to sleep before I fall asleep on the chair.
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Yesterday I finally managed to get a hold of my first concert ticket for my first NEWS concert!!! But I almost got a heartattack from it since people started to bid on the auction like five minutes before it ended. BUT I was stubborn and I got them! Two tickets for me and [livejournal.com profile] sweetmaria_chan !!! And then today I realized I won yet another auction I didn't at all think I would win, and then a third one which I got reeeeally cheap too! YEEEEY! I can't believe that we now have THREE concert tickets!!
6/1 12.00 Yokohama Arena, 9/1 18.00 (?) Tokyo Dome, 10/1 18.00 (?) Tokyo Dome!! Me and Maria will be there, screaming and singing and dancing and crying! I'M SO HAPPY!
Now we've only got the 16.00-show at Yokohama left! MY GOD! This is almost to good to be true. Our first WEEK in JAPAN we're going to see NEWS LIVE FOUR TIMES! Could you wish for something more? I think not!
Tomorrow/Today it's only a month left 'til I'm leaving Sweden for the land of my dreams. And together with the best girl ever! I almost can't believe we've really got to this. Not only talking about it, but actually going!!! JAPAN HERE WE COME! I couldn't have done it without you, you know. Love you sweetie! Same brain and all! ^^

This weekend I'm going to visit a fellow fangirl-friend for the first time. She's a really big Takitsuba-fangirl. And the Takitsuba-fangirl in me whom I've tried to suppress (I mean, it's already enough keeping up with the big three's in my heart (K8, NEWS, KATTUN)), will fully blossom before the weekend is over. But I'll live. I mean, who, with a fully functioning brain, could NOT love Takitsuba? Oh. I'm just looking forward to this weekend so damn much!! Me and Emma are sometimes almost too alike. ^^ And she's a fellow perv too, which makes it even better! ^^

And then I'm going straight from Emma to Maria for more fangirling (and some vaccinations). I haven't seen Maria for two weeks now, since we had our last japanese-lesson. And I miss her so much! I'm used to our monday-(there isn't any good word for sambo in english)co-habitee thingy. Poor me! We're kinda like a couple, but without that kind of love. ^^

OMG. It's 4.20 in the morning here. I must go to sleep.

But first I also have to mention the taiwanese drama "Why Why Love" I'm watching right now.The main-cast are the same as Devil Beside you. And I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Rainie Yang, Mike He and Kingone (oh that strange name) something, are all just great and looks absolutely gorgeous too! And I really admire Rainie so much after watching "Spider Lilies", a movie she stars in. That really showed of her acting skills! LOVE RAINIE!
And Mike. Oh Mike. I love you so much! And his character in WWL are just so adorable and lovely och dorky! LOVELOVELOVE!
And Kingone is OH SO HANDSOME and sweet, and I'm guessing he will be hurt in the end. Poor baby. WHY are there always that poor third party who gets hurt? 

Oh well. Sleep. Right. Soon. 

I shouldn't do this to myself. I need to keep my sleeping-hours in the right part of the day. I don't want to be half-dead when I'm working because I tried to go to sleep early but had been sleeping 'til 15.00 and just couldn't. I'm such an idiot!


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