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This day so far have been such a complete waste of time!

I got off work early today, at 1, and then I got home, made some sandwiches and got stuck watching "The City".. You know the really really bad show on MTV about some girl who moves to New York to work and well, idk, it's just not really good in anyway, but I got hooked anyway. And it was a fucking marathon. Good work. XD

Oh well. Now I'm gonna wash the dishes, then maybe vacuumclean. And look for the key that I got from work that I'm supposed to return to the women who I borrowed it from before she got on vacation 4 weeks ago. It's just that I can't find it. Ehum. I fail at life so bad sometimes. XD

Talking about work, yesterday morning a lady died at work. She's the second one passing away this summer, and it's so freaky, because there's always three people passing, and even though I don't want to think like that I keep on walking around wondering who will get sick suddenly next. Weird.
My way of seeing death has really changed since I started working there. Death does not have to be scary and bad but can also be such a big relief. It's awful to see people really suffer for weeks, I rather see that it happens fast and with not so much pain and anxiety. That's how I want to go when that time comes.

I've been working for 7 days straight now and it's gettin easier now, I'm not as sick as I've been and my days are shorter for a few days now, and on Friday I'll be able to get off 30 minutes before I should since I worked 30 min extra today. Which means I will catch an earlier train to Linköping were I'll spend the weekend with the boyfriend and a friend and I'll go see the new Harry Potter. Or I hope so, haven't asked anyone if they want to come with me but..

In other news I'm kind of crawling out of my skin a little at the moment. I've started to miss Japan a lot, I think mostly due to being so much at home lately without nothing to do. My days have been so full for quite a while now, that when I got stuck at home for a few days with nothing to do but work and being sick the smallness of this place started kreeping up on me. But oh well, I'll be away from here soon and most importantly I'll be taking care of myself. I'm far too old to live with my parents and it's really really getting to me. One should never move away from home and then back again because.. well.. no.

A lot of rambling from me lately. haaah. Expect more from me from now on! ^^v

Going to do those damn dishes and then I'll get started on k8summary, since I just refuse to let it die. XDXD
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It's midsummer's eve today. The one day when everyone, and I mean everyone is out having fun eating and drinking with friends. I think this is my third or forth year working on Midsummer Eve. And I'm working all weekend. I wanted to take a glass of wine when I got home, but my parents brought the wine to the party they were going to. Great. I'm not even close to keeping up with fandom and now I've just been going through loads of pages to just.. sort our the good stuff to take a look at later. XD Because soon I need to take a walk with the dog, take a shower, make food for tomorrow and go to sleep so I'm not half-dead tomorrow morning. Great. And I should meet up with a friend tomorrow, since she's at her parent's house this weekend and I haven't seen here for a month or something. But I just want to go home when I get off at 16.00 tomorrow and clean up the mess that is my room and lay in bed all night watching dramas and drinking tea. I feel like a bad friend. XD We will see each other real soon anyway, since the Hultsfred Festival is coming up and we're all going. Aah~ I think I'll just stick to my plan of doing nothing tomorrow. Sunday I have one of those stupid workdays when I work a few hours in the morning and then work a few in the night. Luckily I'm only working from 7 to 9.30 and then get back at 16.00 and work to 21.00. But still. I hate those days! >__<

I still haven't watched the three latest episodes of Quiz Show, because I don't have time. GRRRRR!!

Cheer me up? XD
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Aah~ Life is eating my LJ time lately. I really need to go to bed soon, since I'm getting up at 6 to go to work at 7. I finally got my schedule yesterday. I have one free weekend in all 9 weeks of work. Great. >_< I went to work today to "walk beside" as it's called in swedish. To you know, see how it all works. There are some changes, and quite a lot of new oldies living there, but I think most of the routines are still the same so I think it'll all be ok. I worked for 4,5 hours today and my feet almost died already. Tomorrow I'll have a whole day and how I'm going to deal with that, I do not know. Need to get myself a pair of ugly work shoes. Ugly because work shoes always are.

I'm working a lot during the festival too, but I mentioned it today, and it seems like I won't have any problems changing those days. Which will mean me working whole weeks without one day off, but I can cope with that for one week of you know, life. My first week I'll only have one day off. >__< But I still won't work full-time this summer, due to short work days. I have a lot of 5 hours and 6,5 hours days. Oh well.
Talking of work days. In Sweden we have a 40 hours work week, if you're working fulltime. The other day I watched Sex and the City and Miranda needed to cut down on workhours "55 tops". I was very much O___O Isn't there any laws for how much you're allowed to work in the US?
God. Swedish people are so spoiled.

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Ok. Really need to go to bed now. Tomorrow when I come home from work I will catch up with all you guys and loads of dramas. YAY! :D
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Just ten more episodes left of PoT. Oh god! What will we do after that??
We're at the semi-finals at the Nationals.
I LOVE the Osaka team! Not as much as Seigaku of course, but I still love them. Even in anime there's something about Osakans'! Little redhead is too cute! ♥

I love PoT so much! ♥ Now really. Love! ♥
Ryoma is getting cuter and cuter all the time. How he really admires all of his senpais is just too cute! ^______^ I loved the Kaidou and Momo look-a-likes when he went to America and how he said that Momo and Kaidou was much cooler then those two. hoho. Sweet!

And Kaidou. I could write several posts just about the awesomeness of that guy. ♥


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Nov. 12th, 2007 11:33 am
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My NEWS- and KANJANI-records have finally arrived! Now I just have to go get them! This feels like christmas. And it's snowing too! yeey! Pre-Christmas! ^^ It's been snowing for three days. I love snow. 
I don't love the slipperiness though. Damn you icy roads! Everytime I'm going to work I have to trip my way there so I don't slip. Poooor me! And I'm getting quite tired of work too. I haven't had a free weekend for at least a month now. And this weekend I've been working with the worlds most irritating person. Oh well. I try to think about all the lovely Johnnys-things I can buy for the money when I'm in Japan.

It's less then two months to Japan now! It feels unbelievable!! And I'm so happy I could die! And now it's time to start looking at the Yahoo-auctions soon so we can find some good tickets for the NEWS-concert in Yokohama. 

Hey! Endless babbling! As always.

I just decided that I enjoy bloging on my swedish blog so much so I should do it in english here too. Although my english nowadays is REALLY bad. I don't know what happened. I just can't express myself properly in english anymore. I guess that's what happens when you don't use english on almost a daily basis like you do in school.

wellwell. Today me and my dear Maria are going to our last japanese-lesson. That's kinda sad. And I was supposed to learn Hiragana 'til today. ehum. oops. I really am stupid.

Well anyways. Main event today: MY CD's ARE FINALLY HERE! 

Now, on to doing the dishes. yatta! :P



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