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It's already a few days into 2010 now but I really want to go through this year a little and just, think about what have happened and stuff. So yeah. This is my 2009! :D

2009 was... )

For this year I don't know what's coming for me. Some of my friends at school have talked about starting a acting group after school. I don't know if that'll happen, but I'm hoping for it. I still have another school to audition for. Which I need to start thinking about.. I just.. Don't have the spark for it right now. >_< Otherwise.. I just don't know what's going to happen to me after school is over in May. We'll see about that.
What I do know is that we're gonna tour in Finland for a week in February and that I'm going to Germany to see my friends during spring break to later meet up with my class in Berlin. :D So some good times ahead. :D

I hope 2010 have some good things in stall for me. I want to develop as an actress and as a person and I want to meet interesting people and do interesting stuff.
Oh and I want to develop a sense for moneysaving. XD
I also have some resolutions. First: Quit smoking. I started again and I do want to quit. So I'm doing a cut-down in January to be completely smokefree in February. 2nd, loose some weight. I've ganed so much since coming back from Japan and eating more than one meal a day and I want to loose some of it because yeah, I look pregnant. 3rd I will only eat ecological meat from now on. That's the only way to guarantee that the meat I'm eating comes from animals that have been treated in an humane way, and also to ensure that I don't eat meat from animals that have been given crazy loads of antibiotics "just in case" and therefor have a lot of multi resistant bacterias and stuff in them. So yeah. I'll eat the vegetarian food at school and I'll only be buying ecological meat. Which is super-expensive, but since I only have to cook two days a week, I can afford it. XD

Ok. Longest post in like, forever. XD

I hope all you lovely people will have a great 2010 and that we'll be able to talk a lot more than I have been able to the last six months or so.
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Ok. So Saturday it snowed all day. But it wasn't cold enough for the snow to actually stay. Now I guess it is. I looked out and it was all white. Since I haven't seen any real snow this winter (I dont count the watery snow of Tokyo as real snow) I kind of like it, but the cold! It's just so damn cold now.

Took a walk with my mun and my dog yesterday and I thought something would fall off! And really, it's not even that cold. I'm just spoiled by Tokyos' spring weather.
Also, clock is 6 in the morning. What the hell am I doing up? >_< Stupid jetlag.

Today, when it's not this early I'm going to call about work and print out the application form for that acting school.
Unfortunately I'm starting doubting what to do again. Will I ever be able to have some kind of career in acting? It's such hard work and I don't know if I'll ever be able to handle the competition.
But there's nothing else I'd like to do. Except traveling.

Aah~ I don't know. Why is it always so difficult?

On a happier note, I talked to Ingalill, one of my best friends today and god how I miss her! I realize it now when we're close enough to be able to meet, just not that close. I hope I'll get enough money soon to go and visit her! ♥

Also I talked to [livejournal.com profile] luin_lotereally quick on msn a while ago. She's home now too. Although I still think Stockholm is far to far away.

Festivals, music and bob hund. . . )
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Aah~ I'm back in Sweden. I was traveling for 27 hours so when I got home I lay down on the TV couch and fell asleep within minutes, and have been sleeping up until maybe an hour ago.

Yesterday when I arrived at the airport I first went to the wrong terminal and had to take a bus out to the right one. My hand luggage probably weighed about 10 kgs, if not more and my shoulders still hurts from carrying. Stupid 20 kgs rule! >__<

Anyways, when I got to my gate I went into the smoking room to take a smoke and then I lay down at some chairs outside the gates. I had about one hour to go until boarding. Right before I drifted of to sleep I thought that I should set my alarm for the boarding time. I was suddenly woken up by a flying attendant asking me if I was going to Zurich. Everyone had already gotten inside the plane and I hadn't even noticed. But the flight was on time and everything, we actually came to Zurich one hour earlier than planned, so I didn't delay anything at least. When I sat down at my seat I fell asleep again and woke up when we had already taken off. Fail. I wanted to watch Japan gettign smaller and smaller. XD
The flight was just me drifting in and out of sleep, trying to watch movies and falling asleep again. Well, I did watch to movies, "Butterfly Lovers" with Wu Chun and "Rachel's getting married" with Anne Hathaway. That was great! Annoying that they lighted up the whole plane when I was bawling my eyes out. XDD

Well. Everything went well. I'm now in small small Vena. I was just outside smoking and the only thing I could hear was birds singing. It's so strange to go from Tokyo, which is never silent, to Swedens countryside.

I think I will spend my day today with scanning shopphotos, watching Mei-chan and packing loads of stuff for mailing to my buyers. I just don't want to think about anything right now. I already miss Japan so much. And I miss [livejournal.com profile] luin_lote  to an ridiculous amount.

Aah. Doing something, doing something.
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I'm leaving for Narita in about 2,5 hours. I don't know what I feel. It all just feels so sad and I don't want to leave at all. I love this country and I love the life I'm living here. I know that there is no way for me to stay here right now, but.. I just don't want to go home..

I started my last day with Strwaberry Frapuccino, Cinnamon Roll and later a Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks together with[livejournal.com profile] luin_lote and[livejournal.com profile] sweetmaria_chan . Then there was school and everyone in my class held a small speach and most of us sang a song. Don't ask me why.
Then me, the both named above and one more friend went here to eat okonomiyaki at the best place ever and then we took purikuras made of win! When me and[livejournal.com profile] luin_lote had waved goodbye to the other two we went back and took yet another purikura. We finally did the PoT themed ones we've been talking about for ages. Then we went to karaoke for an hour, which was great but we felt a little rushed I think.
Then we had our last time of dramas (Voice), cookies, chips and tea. ♥
I don't really know how I'm supposed to manage not having her just a few doors away from me. Disaster! But well, I live what, four hours away from Stockholm. This will all work out just fine. ehum.

All night I've been packing and repacking and weighing my luggage. I think I have just 2 kgs overweight now, and that should be ok, I hope. Please let it be a nice person checking me in. My handluggage are far more heavy than it's supposed to be, but they never check that anyways. My back is going to die though.

I still need to pack my computer which probably will mean me having about 10kgs on my back. Great.

Now I'm gonna listen to the new eito song and try to make me feel a little bit better about leaving. haha. Good luck to me!
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So.. Our idiotic government has come up with a proposal to change the rules of CSN (Swedish student aid). They want to shorten the amount of years that you're allowed to take loans to 4 years. I'm not completely sure how many years it is now, but, much more than that.

If there is one thing that can make social gaps smaller it's education. Our government seems to be wanting to broden the gaps instead of making them smaller.
If this proposal comes true, I would have two more years to study.
That's not enough to get a proper education in anything, and four years isn't enough for a lot of different proffessions.

I hate that my country was so damn stupid that they voted for these idiotic assholes that are ruling Sweden now. I hate that they allready have destroyed so many of our society's safetynets. I hate the way these people are thinking. More for us, less for those who needs it.

Education should not be a matter of money. Education should be for all, and the one thing I've always been proud of about Sweden is that there it is for all. But if this proposal goes through, it wont be. And that is just wrong.
Our government sure are digging their own graves with all their ideas, and they won't be able to keep their power when it's time for the new elections. But there's still more than a year to go, and they've already managed to fuck up Swedens economy tremendlessly.

The ones ruling our country now is the Moderate Party, formerly Right-wing Party, in an allience with the Liberal Party, Centre Party, formerly Peasants League and Christian Democrat Party. Just so you know who I'm talking about.

The Social Democrat Party has been the winners of the elections for years before the last ones, and even if I think that their politic isn't the best, I still think that what they are doing is at least with some kind of thought of the people they are serving.

Aaah! I'm just so damn pissed off right now! I just hope that the people of Sweden will be fed up with the moderates ways in time for the elections next year and that the left block wins again. Please.


Apr. 13th, 2008 03:07 am
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I've been in this damn internetcafe for hours now! Why am I so stupid? It's expensive damn it! But what is a girl to do? I needed to upload new pictures to my picturejournal and then I downloaded some stuff and one clip takes very long. But to stop downloading when I gotten to half? No. So let's just stay here half an hour more and do a lot of unnecessery things. I did send a mail to a friend though, which I should have sent like two weeks ago or something. haha.

Anyway. Last Friday I went to the Kanjani-concert. It was oh so lovely! The seats were absolutely great too! And I got eyecontact with a lot of them! Mostly Ryo. Oh god oh god oh god!
And we're seeing them again in Osaka at the beginning of May! HAPPY! 
If I got several millions from somewhere I could live my life just going to concerts and all other kinds of shows. It's the ultimate high! (well that and acting) And I would be satisfied with living my life like that. But now, I'm having an eceonomic crisis and can't afford well, anything. Damn. 
Maybe it's lucky that those damn KAT-TUN aren't having any concerts while I'm here. No money. >__<

But! I made up my mind and I'll be back in Japan in the fall! I just didn't see anything else to do. I'm not ready to go back to living in Sweden just yet (if I ever will be), and I can't really look for schools in Sweden for this fall anyway since all the auditions for the actingschools are in April-May. So. I'm going back in Sept-Oct and I'm staying 'til April-May. It will be weird though, to spend Christmas here. I love Christmas. And I want to be with my family during that time. But well, I'll survive.
But now I can kinda look forward to getting back to Sweden in June, cause I know it's only for about three months. It will be lovely to see all my friends and fasmily again! YEY! And I can be truly happy to see them now, not feeling like I want to be somewhere else. ^^

Anyway. My downloading is done. Time to get HOME and SLEEP!


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