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Finished a book I've been reading for a while now, The Perfume by Patrick Süskind. I've been wanting to read that book for a long while, and now I finally got down to it. I loved it. It amazes me how a writer manages to describe something as fleeting as smell in such various ways. I started watching the movie today, but didn't finish it. Too tired. XD

My mum, me and my dog just came back from a an hour's walk in the woods. We saw a roedeer! ♥ And young bulls fighting. XD I should walk in the woods more often. ♥

But before the walk I watched the MC part of the Koi no ABO DVD. ♥ I love Shigelulja chance~ ♥ I hope they actually have added when he does it.

I'm sitting in front of the TV and right now they're showing the contestants of Eurovision Song Contest.
I love Eurovision, or Schlagern as we call it in Sweden. The clothes lacking any sense of style, the bad prerehearsed jokes from the hosts. Germany and Great Britain who always have hideously bad songs.

Last week they showed Czech Republic, amongst others, and GOD was that bad!

And this is Sweden's entry. I won't say anything about this, because I'm never as patriotic as when it's time for Eurovision.

10 years since Sweden won last time, so it should be time now! XDD


Apr. 26th, 2009 04:54 pm
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It's summer warmth in Vena today. I feel quite pleased. Have been doing a little work in the garden. Not as much as my parents would want me to, I suspect, but I've been out there at least. Why do we have such a big garden? XD¨

Also, Koi no ABO and KAT-TUN's new album. Lots to see/listen to. And this is the 2nd DVD with footage from a con I've been to. It's nice to watch and know that hey, I was in there! If that damn J ROCK DVD could be released soon it would make it three. ^^

It feels like I'm so behind on fandom lately, I don't really know why. But I have loads of Can!jani and Janiben and stuff to watch.

I do keep up with The Quiz Show though. God. Evil!Yoko. ILU! BUT WHY IS THERE STILL NO PORN?!! PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME EVIL!YOKO PORN!! *______________*

Oh well. I'm off to help dad to oil our terrace. I'm such a good girl today! ^^v
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Long time since I fangirled anything except eito and dramas, but OMG NEWS IS DANCING DISCO! ♥


And I like the song. And they're all looking good. Yamapi's hair is not that bad is it?

J-ROCK in JCB Hall today. The same place as I saw them the first time and Subaru shot me his killer smile and I want to be there. Need to change to a computer that reads japanese and googling reports. XDD It's just that it's such a nice day today and I don't feel like crying because of me not seeing the shinies. >_<

Have anyone found any recordings? I'm craving new songs! Going on youtube-hunt! ^__^


Oct. 25th, 2008 07:05 pm
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I just read a con-report of NEWS first concert. OMG! Just the staging seems lovely! Looking forward to it so much! I long for a Johnny's-concert! It feels as if it's been ages, which it really haven't been. I've been here for three weeks and have been to three different concerts/musicals. But still.

And there are new shopphotos! Which I really should not buy now, since I'm having the good-ol' moneytroubles. Even more so since yen is getting more and more expensive. Damn crisis in USA. Fucks up everything.

Oh well.


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Finally I'm here! Or, I've been here for a week and two days now. 

And OMG how I love it! The first week was really crazy, with two news-concerts the day after our arrival, and then the two Dome-concerts!!

They were all magic!! AND I TOUCHED YAMAPI!!!!!! OMG! I can't quite believe it! And Maria, who I'm here with, loves Yamapi soooo much! And after touching him, she almost fell down. Well I did too but.. ANd then, on the second concert, we had center-tickets and they were so amasing seats and Yamapi saw us again! And when they sang cherish, he threw a kiss to Maria, and made the thumbs-up for her! It was soo lovely!
And well. It was great. 
But the best thing for me, was RYO of course! He saw us three times! The first time he did this really cute and weird face and waved at us.. And OMG I was sooo happy! And then later, he saw us again and by that time I was so high so i just jumped and waved like a crazy-person, and HE STARTED LAUGHING AND STARTED JUMPING AND WAVING BACK AT US! I really thought I would die then and there!!!
And Massu. Oh Massu! He was so cute when he saw us and made this really surprised face and was like the cutest thing ever. And Tesshi OMG! It just was so amazing! 

And in DOME! omg! The new single! OMG! Well, I can't really write coherent. So I just leave it now. And for those understanding swedish I have written a kind of concert-report from the Yokohama-concert at my blog. http://johnnysfangirl.blogspot.com 

JAPAN is lovely by the way. I like it here so much. And everything at home feels so far away.

Oh well. Now I need some food.


Dec. 27th, 2007 12:49 am
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I just watched some fancams from NEWS in Fukuoka. And I really can't believe I'm actually going to see all of that with my own eyes in 11 days!!! And today I bought the last set of tickets for me and Maria, to the 16.00 performance at Yokohama Arena. I paid 61000yen for two tickets! I know that's a great amount of money, but it's REALLY good seats. Centre-seats. 
OMG! I'm leaving Sweden for Japan in nine days, I'm in Japan in ten and I'm going to see NEWS in 11 days! It haven't really sunken in yet. I wonder when it will!
Our first week in Japan will be CRAZY! Just trying to make ourselves understood with almost no knowledge of the language, and going to our school. And see FOUR NEWS-CONCERTS! I don't know how I'm going to handle it! It's going to kill me!
But I'm not nervous. At all. Tomorrow I'm going to TRY to pack a little. I think I will repack like 10 times before we leave! I got a HUGE red suitcase from my parents as a christmas-present. I love it! 
But what do you need to pack if you're a hopeless shopaholic and you're staying for six months?!! OMG!

Tomorrow I will need to wash an awful lot of clothes and start packing. But I'm going to meet some friends too. I really don't know how I'm going to get the time for all the things I need to do before I go!!

On friday it's my final day at work. THANK GOD! I'm so tired of it and soooo happy to leave! 

Oh well. I have to get some sleep now. I'm high on way too much sugar!
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Yesterday I finally managed to get a hold of my first concert ticket for my first NEWS concert!!! But I almost got a heartattack from it since people started to bid on the auction like five minutes before it ended. BUT I was stubborn and I got them! Two tickets for me and [livejournal.com profile] sweetmaria_chan !!! And then today I realized I won yet another auction I didn't at all think I would win, and then a third one which I got reeeeally cheap too! YEEEEY! I can't believe that we now have THREE concert tickets!!
6/1 12.00 Yokohama Arena, 9/1 18.00 (?) Tokyo Dome, 10/1 18.00 (?) Tokyo Dome!! Me and Maria will be there, screaming and singing and dancing and crying! I'M SO HAPPY!
Now we've only got the 16.00-show at Yokohama left! MY GOD! This is almost to good to be true. Our first WEEK in JAPAN we're going to see NEWS LIVE FOUR TIMES! Could you wish for something more? I think not!
Tomorrow/Today it's only a month left 'til I'm leaving Sweden for the land of my dreams. And together with the best girl ever! I almost can't believe we've really got to this. Not only talking about it, but actually going!!! JAPAN HERE WE COME! I couldn't have done it without you, you know. Love you sweetie! Same brain and all! ^^

This weekend I'm going to visit a fellow fangirl-friend for the first time. She's a really big Takitsuba-fangirl. And the Takitsuba-fangirl in me whom I've tried to suppress (I mean, it's already enough keeping up with the big three's in my heart (K8, NEWS, KATTUN)), will fully blossom before the weekend is over. But I'll live. I mean, who, with a fully functioning brain, could NOT love Takitsuba? Oh. I'm just looking forward to this weekend so damn much!! Me and Emma are sometimes almost too alike. ^^ And she's a fellow perv too, which makes it even better! ^^

And then I'm going straight from Emma to Maria for more fangirling (and some vaccinations). I haven't seen Maria for two weeks now, since we had our last japanese-lesson. And I miss her so much! I'm used to our monday-(there isn't any good word for sambo in english)co-habitee thingy. Poor me! We're kinda like a couple, but without that kind of love. ^^

OMG. It's 4.20 in the morning here. I must go to sleep.

But first I also have to mention the taiwanese drama "Why Why Love" I'm watching right now.The main-cast are the same as Devil Beside you. And I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Rainie Yang, Mike He and Kingone (oh that strange name) something, are all just great and looks absolutely gorgeous too! And I really admire Rainie so much after watching "Spider Lilies", a movie she stars in. That really showed of her acting skills! LOVE RAINIE!
And Mike. Oh Mike. I love you so much! And his character in WWL are just so adorable and lovely och dorky! LOVELOVELOVE!
And Kingone is OH SO HANDSOME and sweet, and I'm guessing he will be hurt in the end. Poor baby. WHY are there always that poor third party who gets hurt? 

Oh well. Sleep. Right. Soon. 

I shouldn't do this to myself. I need to keep my sleeping-hours in the right part of the day. I don't want to be half-dead when I'm working because I tried to go to sleep early but had been sleeping 'til 15.00 and just couldn't. I'm such an idiot!


Nov. 12th, 2007 11:33 am
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My NEWS- and KANJANI-records have finally arrived! Now I just have to go get them! This feels like christmas. And it's snowing too! yeey! Pre-Christmas! ^^ It's been snowing for three days. I love snow. 
I don't love the slipperiness though. Damn you icy roads! Everytime I'm going to work I have to trip my way there so I don't slip. Poooor me! And I'm getting quite tired of work too. I haven't had a free weekend for at least a month now. And this weekend I've been working with the worlds most irritating person. Oh well. I try to think about all the lovely Johnnys-things I can buy for the money when I'm in Japan.

It's less then two months to Japan now! It feels unbelievable!! And I'm so happy I could die! And now it's time to start looking at the Yahoo-auctions soon so we can find some good tickets for the NEWS-concert in Yokohama. 

Hey! Endless babbling! As always.

I just decided that I enjoy bloging on my swedish blog so much so I should do it in english here too. Although my english nowadays is REALLY bad. I don't know what happened. I just can't express myself properly in english anymore. I guess that's what happens when you don't use english on almost a daily basis like you do in school.

wellwell. Today me and my dear Maria are going to our last japanese-lesson. That's kinda sad. And I was supposed to learn Hiragana 'til today. ehum. oops. I really am stupid.

Well anyways. Main event today: MY CD's ARE FINALLY HERE! 

Now, on to doing the dishes. yatta! :P



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