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Yesterday I wrote a huge ass LJ post that I somehow deleted and I got so annoyed I refused to even look at LJ again for the whole day. XD
Things like that makes me want to throw the computer out the window, really.

But hey! Happy things!
Yasu's sister gave birth to a boy this morning! :D I'm looking forward to cute baby stories on his j-web.
My friend went to today's Dome con and apparently he hadn't told the members before, so they kicked him. Poor Yasu. XD

In other news. Tomorrow is my birthday. So in a few hours I'm turning 23. I'm still just as excited for my birthday as when I was little. Sadly, my aunts and uncles are much worse at congratulating me on my birthday now then how they were when I was small. >_< So I guess tomorrow will be spent with idk, my parents. XD MY brothers aren't at home either. One of them at least in Sweden, but I'm guessing he rather stays with his girlfriend than congratulate me, stupid ass. XD The other one's in New Zeeland so I can't really blame him. XD

And I was supposed to have a birthday party next weekend with my friends, but it seems like that weekend was difficult to make it all work out, so it's this weekend instead. And now my friend who has been in Japan for 2 months and whom I haven't seen since she came home probably won't make it on Friday, since she's graduating from uni, which I should have thought about earlier, but another friend can't on Saturday. And I like my other friend to come more, but I'll feel bad to change the day now, since I already said that I took Friday since I knew the other girl couldn't make it Saturday. I don't know how I'm gonna figure this out without making girl nr2 angry at me. XDD

My friend is telling me stories from the con. Subaru humped Maru from behind. Oh Subaru I love when you're being all pervy! ♥

Soon it's time for the Hultsfred Festival. I'm looking forward to it so much! The big acts are stuff like The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon, Regina Spector, Ice Cube (oh yey, bad American hiphop instead of Cyndi Lauper I am not pleased). But for me, the smaller acts are much more interesting. Therefore I'm gonna spam you poor souls with some really good music coming to Hultsfred. :D

Muuusiiiiic )

This has taken me hours. XDD

Now I need to get some cleaning done I think. YAY! XD Or maybe I should work on that tan. But I always get so bored.. Oh well..
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Watching TV right now and it's a concert with Theresa Andersson. I never heard of her before, but her music is just amazing!
She's from Sweden but lives in New Orleans since 20 years..

I don't need to say anything more, just take a look at these videos!

moooore )
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Ok. So Saturday it snowed all day. But it wasn't cold enough for the snow to actually stay. Now I guess it is. I looked out and it was all white. Since I haven't seen any real snow this winter (I dont count the watery snow of Tokyo as real snow) I kind of like it, but the cold! It's just so damn cold now.

Took a walk with my mun and my dog yesterday and I thought something would fall off! And really, it's not even that cold. I'm just spoiled by Tokyos' spring weather.
Also, clock is 6 in the morning. What the hell am I doing up? >_< Stupid jetlag.

Today, when it's not this early I'm going to call about work and print out the application form for that acting school.
Unfortunately I'm starting doubting what to do again. Will I ever be able to have some kind of career in acting? It's such hard work and I don't know if I'll ever be able to handle the competition.
But there's nothing else I'd like to do. Except traveling.

Aah~ I don't know. Why is it always so difficult?

On a happier note, I talked to Ingalill, one of my best friends today and god how I miss her! I realize it now when we're close enough to be able to meet, just not that close. I hope I'll get enough money soon to go and visit her! ♥

Also I talked to [livejournal.com profile] luin_lotereally quick on msn a while ago. She's home now too. Although I still think Stockholm is far to far away.

Festivals, music and bob hund. . . )
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Swedish songs galore!

Sweden is a small country but with a huge number of great musicians. And I made this playlist of some of my favourites swedish mucsicians, cause, in there's some awesome that people need to know about!

1. Miss Li - Take a shower Awesome girl making awesome music with influences from loads of genres.
2. Maia Hirasawa - And I found this boy Half Swed, half Japanese, making these lovely tunes with lovely lyrics.
3. Säkert! - Allt som är ditt (translation: For sure! - Everything that is yours)
This song's lyrics are great, in a sad kind of way. Makes me want to hunt rapists down.
4. Hello Saferide - My best friend Säkert! when she sings in english. Song full of awesome.
5. Marit Bergman - I will always be your soldier. Festivals, waterguns, sun, laughter and people I love.
6. Sophie Zelmani - Oh Dear

7. Lasse Lindh - Satan vad ont det gör (Satan, how it hurts) His voice is fantastic! And his lyrics. Lovelovelove
8. Lars Winnerbäck - Kom änglar (Come angels)
I love him, his lyrics feels like they are about me, and this song is just too fantastic.
9. Håkan Hellström - En vän med en bil (A friend with a car)
One of my teenage heroes. He always sings his heart out, too see him live is pure euphoria.
10. Kristofer Åström - Idiot talk
He writes music about heartbreak. The soundtrack of my teenage loves.
11. The Cardigans - And then you kissed me Cardigans I guess people know. This song is about domestiv violence and I sang this in school. And I love it.
12. The Hives - Die, allright! Hives. They are just kings! Pelle on stage are magic! One of the best non Johnnys-cons I've been to, it was festival, late night, raining, muddy, but Pelle was climbing to the roof of the stage and well. Yes.
13. Emil Jensen - Inte vackrast i världen (Not most beautiful in the world) Spokenword-artist. Charm.
14. Broder Daniel - Underground For my indiedays. BD-fandom are like a cult. They all have big hair, loads of black make-up around their eyes and stars under their eyes. Oh. Those times! ^^
15. Timo Räisänen - Sixteen Beacuse I al
so like to glorify being 16.
16. Anna Ternheim - Shoreline Singer-songwriter singing Broder Daniel's Shoreline.
17. bob hund - Tralala lilla molntuss (tralala little cloudwadd) Has been called Swedens best liveband. And there's a reason for it.
18. David & the Citizens - Pink Evening I love Davids voice and the trumpet player is from my hometown! ^^v
19. Kent - Utan dina andetag (Without your breath) Lyrics.
20. Kristian Anttila - Åtminstone musik (At least music) A punch in your face, face like a god! Pale with black hair, sex with a guitar.
21. Lisa Ekdahl - It's oh so quiet She deserves praise for doing a cover on this song. And she has a truly special voice.
22. Mando Diao - Long before rock'n'roll The band they call big in Japan. Oh well.
23. Melody Club - Electric Oh my teenage days!
24. The Knife - Heartbeats Pure genius
25. The Ark - Joy surrender My heroes. Now and forever. Ola has the most amazing charisma and well, they are just lovelovelove.

Yup. It's fun to translate from Swedish. Sounds kinda strange sometimes. But anyhow. Enjoy! ^^


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