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Been struggling with MSN which has decided to completely give up on me it seems. >_<

Have also been stubborn and fought myself through non-tags-LJ's because there is delicious Akutsu/Dan. ♥
But really, no tags makes me cry!

I love Mister Guesthouse today because he does not kill me when I say that I can't pay my rent. ^^;;; I hate myself for not being able to thou.

I was supposed to correct my speach that I got back yesterday (with not many mistakes, which surprised me). Still worried about maybe having to actually hold the stupid speach, but at the same time really proud that I actually have written a whole speach in japanese!

New calendars babies! I want! Need to take a look at the other news-clips since there seems to be more to see.

Also Uchi Hirocky? Now now. Johnny's. ♥

Realized yesterday that I'm going back to Sweden on a Friday, not Saturday. Would you look at that. haha. I fail. ^^;;;

My last try on MSN and then I guess I should just go to bed. Sleepy, but not in the mood to sleep. I blame me not buying cigarettes before, I always do that when I have just had a smoke and claims to myself that I don't need to smoke more today, which is a complete lie. And I know that! XD

Maybe I should go downstairs and look for Suzuki-san and borrow his pasmo.
I should so quit smoking.

Will be answering last entrys comments. Soon... I do fail at life.

EDIT: Just realized that I wrote Pasmo (which is a train- and buscard) instead of Taspo (which is a card that you need to buy cigarrettes from the vending machines). I wonder how often I do that?

Also, I finally went ahead and de-friended some people that I friended back when I was a complete LJ-newbie and didn't know, I don't know, LJ manners. Feels good to only have mutual friends on my LJ. yeyyey! ^^v

Walk all the way to 7-Eleven (which is really far) at 2.14 in the night to buy cigarettes, or just stay home and obessessing about not having them, but perhaps getting some sleep soon?
Decisions decisions. ^^;;;
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Tomorrow. Subaru. Tsubasa. FiVe, Question?, Matchy and then the name I always forget. ♥ Me and [livejournal.com profile] luin_lotewill both see our favourites on the same stage! And Saturday there will be Subaru and Takki. I hope for some interaction between the two of them. In my wildest dreams there will be a duet with them. I don't expect that to happen, but I can always dream.
Will there be penlights used? I guess not, but I'm bringing one just in case. ^__^ And can't forget my furafura towel! UWA!
This is the last two times I'll see Subaru in at least a year. I will stare at him without blinking, for the whole time.
And if my MP3 player works with me, I'll come back with a recording of the concert for you! ^___^

Oh. And Uchi! Two more concerts! Solodebut? ♥

And, Valentine's wishes makes me happy! ^__^
My Valentinr - theresechan
Get your own valentinr
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I just read this japanese blog, and it said that Yoko, Subaru, Yasu and Maru came to the con. And that they hugged? And that Uchi cried? I hate not being able to read many kanjis. But that MUST be what it's saying and I THINK I'm DYING! OMG!
Here is the link. It must be what I think it is. Has mailed the text to my mobilephone and gonna ask my teacher tomorrow what the kanjis mean that I don't understand. I hate it when translators on the internet just wont do! >_<

But OMG! If this is true, which I really think it is, then OMG! T___T 
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So. I'll get started now. This will be long and flaily, I know it already. Hope you don't mind! ^^

To start off, I went to Harajuku to the Gurakudoh ticket shop and found this amazingly cheap ticket, the prize less than the original one. Lucky! ^^
And then I went straight to Shin-Yokohama to get in line for the goods. There was no line to talk about though, but the goods where so beautiful! Pics at my last post. ^^
And here are some pics of the Arena, just cause I like pictures. I will probably update this entry later when there are pics of his costumes and stuff. ^^

Arena and goods-stand. ^^

Anyways, after a whole lot of waiting there was finally time to line up. I always get so nervous when I'm going in since I don't have a membership and I worried that people will start asking questions. They never do though. The guy who was checking my bag asked "Do you have camera?" in very cute English though. I lied. Not that I would ever dare to take pics in there anyways. ^^

My seat was Arena, C block in the 17th row. Really really nice seats. Close to the stage in the back. I got really good views of them when they were on that stage. ^^
The seats next to me on both sides were never taken, so I had a lot of room to stand on during the concert. There was a few empty seats here and there, in front of me there was a whole line of seats untaken, until the middle of the con when to girls came in, but still, about 6 untaken seats around me. But Yokoari are big and that's not really much to talk about, although I think it's sad.
I talked to the two sweet girls sitting next to me in my line before the concert. One was a Kitayama-fan, but also like Yasu a lot. hoho. Sweet.

But now on to the important stuff. )
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I gave myself the best christmaspresent ever and went to Uchis con today! It was lovely, and I actually wrote down some things and my trainride home, so there will be a con-report, hopefully before the weekend ends.
Just wanted to share some pics of the goods, cause OMG they are looovely! I wasn't supposed to buy the poster, but then I saw it and I just HAD to have it! <3<3<3<3<3

The uchiwa and the clearfile. There also was photos, but I didn't buy them.

I fail with a camera, but anyhow.
Lovely lovely lovely Uchi! <3<3<3<3
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well don't you just love ryoxuchi-smut? my god. i'm addicted!


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