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This will not be as long as the other report, because well, most of the songs and everything was the same. Just some highlights and so.

Yesterday my seats was at the 2nd floor, south block and V row. Which was four rows away from being at the top of the whole hall. But I sat so I saw the stage from the front.
I took a picture with my phone, the camera sucks, but I'll post the pic anyway.
Hm. Oh well. At least it's a picture. ^^;;
This time again I sat next to three people who sat down most of the concert. This time they only stood at the Question? part. I just don't get it.

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So my computer dies on me, I just hope that these computers decides to work with me until the end.

I had a quite awesome seats for this concert. B Block2, second row. It's the second Blocks but the Budoukan wasn't that big, so I was close anyway. I had a man slightly to the right in front of me, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see anything once he stood up, but he kept sitting through the whole show, so I had a great view. Everyone around me except the three women on my right side had FuraFura towels around their necks. As did the whole hall. I saw read towels everywhere when I looked around.
The girls next to me kept on sitting down almost the whole concert, except for the parts where Matchy was on stage. They even stood up at the MC part, but not during the con if it was something else than Matchy. Oh well.

The stage was huge, it had two sets of drums, two sets of keyboards even though they only really would've needed one, since there's only Daisuke playing the keyboard. But he changed were he was sitting when he changed groups.
There was four levels at the stage. First the middlestage, that wasn't really used that much, with the drumsets on both side, and then the keyboards. Below that was the guitarists and bassplayers level, with the bassplayers on one side and the guitarplayers on the other side. And then was the center middle stage where the main singer stood. And from that stage there were stairs going down to yet another level of.. I don't know, standing area. ^^

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Ok. So I've finally gotten down to it. This will not be very detailed since it was quite a while since the con and I didn't take any notes afterwards, plus I don't know that much about Q? and FiVe, even though I want to. Ever since FuraFura I've been taking a liking to FiVe and after this concerts, also to Question? They're all a bunch of very talented guys, with a passion that shines. I'm happy that I got to go to this con!

So, at 10 o'clock on the 30th I was at Gurakudoh in search for tickets, nervous as hell, feeling like the world would end if there was none. )
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So. I'll get started now. This will be long and flaily, I know it already. Hope you don't mind! ^^

To start off, I went to Harajuku to the Gurakudoh ticket shop and found this amazingly cheap ticket, the prize less than the original one. Lucky! ^^
And then I went straight to Shin-Yokohama to get in line for the goods. There was no line to talk about though, but the goods where so beautiful! Pics at my last post. ^^
And here are some pics of the Arena, just cause I like pictures. I will probably update this entry later when there are pics of his costumes and stuff. ^^

Arena and goods-stand. ^^

Anyways, after a whole lot of waiting there was finally time to line up. I always get so nervous when I'm going in since I don't have a membership and I worried that people will start asking questions. They never do though. The guy who was checking my bag asked "Do you have camera?" in very cute English though. I lied. Not that I would ever dare to take pics in there anyways. ^^

My seat was Arena, C block in the 17th row. Really really nice seats. Close to the stage in the back. I got really good views of them when they were on that stage. ^^
The seats next to me on both sides were never taken, so I had a lot of room to stand on during the concert. There was a few empty seats here and there, in front of me there was a whole line of seats untaken, until the middle of the con when to girls came in, but still, about 6 untaken seats around me. But Yokoari are big and that's not really much to talk about, although I think it's sad.
I talked to the two sweet girls sitting next to me in my line before the concert. One was a Kitayama-fan, but also like Yasu a lot. hoho. Sweet.

But now on to the important stuff. )
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So. I've been in Japan for a week and one day.
It has been absolutely lovely.
Well, most of it.
My three hours ride from Narita to Matsudo wasn't the best thing I've done in my life. And I defenetily did not pay 900 swedish krones to drive around half of Chiba to take some other people to their homes. Oh noes I didn't.

BUT! When I finally arrived at my Guesthouse in Matsudo, my ticket to Subaru was waiting there for me.
Follow me for Subaru-, Tsubasa-, and A.B.C-Z & Kis-My-Ft2 -concertreports! )
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I'm sitting in an internetcafe. As usual. This time though, it's in Osaka. And I'm probably totally exhausted, just that I can't feel it now cause this day has been soooo great!

Or well, not all of it. I scrambled myself out of bed 4.30 this morning after about 3 hours of sleep. Since it's golden week now and I also been living alone, since Maria and Nane are on a trip, my sleeping hours has been totally fucked up. And I couldn't sleep yesterday. I woke every 15 minute cause I knew that I had went to bed too late and I nedded to get up early. Poor me. Anyways. Then about one extra hour was spent trying to find out where the hell my Shinkansen-train was supposed to leave from. I will now forever remember the kanji for Shina in Shinagawa! Not that difficult to remember though. And when I finally found the right station and got on the train I realized that unreserved tickets on a national holiday is REALLy bad. I had to stand up for two hours straight. And my shoes really hurt if I stand up in them for too long. But then, luckily a lot of people got off and I got to sit down and tried to sleep a little the last hour. Didn't happen though.

But then I was in Shin-Osaka and met up with Maria and Nane. It was lovely! I've been living with Maria since we got here and we haven't been away from each other for such a long time (8 days) since. And Nane is almost the same since we spend all time in school and a lot after school together. And we were all happy and hyper because we were gonna see KANJANI 8 today! And we ate okonomiyaki! I LOVE OKONOMIYAKI! 
Then we went to Osaka Jo Hall to take a look at everything there. And we saw loads of cute rangers, and a lot of girls selling Johnny's-stuff. I ended up bying five shop-photos, four of Baru and one of Ryo. And not just any picture! THE most wanted Ryio-picture for me, except the one I have as a icon here:
Yes. I now own that one. And my no longer very subtle obsession with Baru kinda caused me to buy three uchiwas with him. But it was worth it. The girls selling them was extremely sweet and lovely and sold all three of them to me for only 800 yen. The uchiwas at a concert are usually 500 yen, but if you want old uchiwas they are much, much more expensive. the cheapest uchiwa I bought before was 840 yen. For one. And THAT'S cheap! So yeah, I now have three new absolutely lovely Baru-uchiwas. And I have to give up collecting Ueda-stuff now. I can't afford it. And Subaru is just too wonderful!

Anyways. After our shoppingspree and squeeling over cute ranger-girls (and they squeeling over cute western eighters (and cute is what they said, not what I call myself ^^)), we went up towards the Osaka castle. And ate icecream and was revealed to find some shadow. It's unbelievably warn in Osaka at the moment!

And then followed maybe two hours of queing for the hall. We wanted to make sure to get in eraly cause we thought that our tickets wasn't regular seat-tickets. But they were! AND THEY WERE FANTASTIC! We sat on the 7th row, block J. CLOOOOOOSE to one of the stages and where they walked by a lot. We were all so exstatic just by finding out our seats and yeah, it was lovely. And some cute girls asked about our ichiban suki, our favourites. And one of those had made a Hiroki-uchiwa. I love how he is so important for all the fans too!

And well. Then, there was these filmed stuff showing on the screans. We missed that at the Yokohama-concert because of the damn goods-lines. 
I didn't get that much of what they were talking about, but it was clips with all of eito seperately, among them SUBARU IN THE SHOWER!!! I DIED! And yeah.
Then there came this voice announcing something about rivals and stuff and then they came out on stage on after one. From two sides of the hall, one was the at the stage close to us, and one was at the opposite side. They all had some kind of long coats with hoods. I can't really remember the order of appearances, but it was oh so lovely! And Subaru came out from my side and was so beautiful and walked over to the centerstage. Okura was really cute too, I don't really remember what he did though. ^^
They all went one by one on too the centerstage and when they all were there they took off their coats and opened the whole concert with Wahaha! I REALLY fail at remembering things clearly, but of course it was more than lovely, and I failed at first with the dance, but I got into it. And then after Wahaha was Zukkoke. They were still on the round centrestage, which was raised higher in the air. AND OMG! Baru humped Yassus ass on stage during this song!!!! I screamed like the perverted girl I am (just like everyone else in the hall) amd Okura rolled his hips in Yassus face where he was standing on his knees before him. hohoho. I died. A lot! And they did the same kind of introductions as on the 47-tour. Subaru was suuuupercute!
And everything is just a big mess in my head. Sorry for that. ^^ But I think that they then played It's my soul! AND I LOVE THAT SONG! Of course I do. ^^ And the dance is just lovely tooo! And then I think that they played Do you agree? which also was wonderful and Yassu was the cutest little thing ever. and hottest when he run around with his guitar. And THEN they played Heavenly Psycho, back on the centrestage. Beautiful beautiful. One fo my favourite Kanjani-songs ever! And after that it was the member greeting-part. Hina once again asked all the men in the audience to scream. There were quite a few and the whole hall was impressed, and eeeeeeh! and applause was given. Then he asked the children to scream. We had this really cute little girl close to us who stood on her seat screaming. And then the whole hall shouted kawaiiiii! And then we all screamed. And no, this is not in order at all, I'm sure that Hina didn't start with the greetings. I'm just writing what I remeber the most. Subaru was completely adorable and funny, and told everyone to have fun and everything with a not so interested voice. Okura and Ryo I don't really remember that much of.. Ryo I think was first cause he had his solo-part first after the greetings. Okura said something about that he had done something on station and no one had watched so he asked everyone to watch. I think so. Something like that. My japanese didn't let me understand that so good. Maru of course did his PAAAN!-thing, which I love so much, and then it was Yassu and he started saying stuff in Osaka-ben. Everyone found it very funny, but I couldn't understand a thing. :P Then it was Yoko. hohoho. He said something about also wanting to have something like Marus pan and then said something with oppai (breasts) and made a Bjoung-bjoung-sound too. And then he asked the audience to do it, we did and he laughed. And then Maru and Hina presented the solo-medley. I love the solo-medleys with all of my heart.
First out, Ryo with Open your eyes. He popped out from the floor on the mainstage, followed by Okura and Maru as backdancers. I love this song, and eventhough I allready been to a show on this tour and new it was coming I got a bit crazy when it started playing. And then dancing, oh the dancing! Then they went back through the floor and Hina, Yassu and Subaru came out on the opposite side of the hall. Hina performed part of  Forward with the other two as backdancers. Also that lovely. I think I consider Hina Kanjanis best dancer, and you get to scream with him in the song (and I also found myself staring at Subarus slender body, dancing with some cloth draped around his hips). Then Yoko appeared on the centrestage with Okura as backdancer. He sang Confusion. And that song and that dance is HOTHOTHOT and he does HIGHKICKS in it, another one of my strange fetisches, and he had red clothes on him and just the fact that Yoko sings so much now makes me all happy! And after he sung his song he went over to Yassu who was sitting on a chair with his guitar on his knees. He played a part of his song Watashi kagami, with Yoko singing with him every now and then. Yassu leaned in to Yoko one time in a very cute way. And then, at the farthest end from us, came Maru in his crazy cape and did Magic Word. And I totally missed that Ryo came out on our end of the stage. But eh did. And he was cute when he danced around later. Again a lot of PAN!-screaming. <3

And I'm so sorry for anyone reading this, but I don't have the energy too write everything now. The clock is past 2 and I'm kinda exhausted. But I will write all of it. And before I end for today. Hina saw the three of us and made a surprised expression and made the thumbs-up for us and applauded us. We waved frantically back. AND Ryo saw us again! HAPPY! He was cuuuute!
AND, for a very brief moment I'm sure that Subaru saw me and he lifted his hands and made a small bow for me. I DIED! <3<3<3<3<3 Darling KANJANI8. <3


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