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This will not be as long as the other report, because well, most of the songs and everything was the same. Just some highlights and so.

Yesterday my seats was at the 2nd floor, south block and V row. Which was four rows away from being at the top of the whole hall. But I sat so I saw the stage from the front.
I took a picture with my phone, the camera sucks, but I'll post the pic anyway.
Hm. Oh well. At least it's a picture. ^^;;
This time again I sat next to three people who sat down most of the concert. This time they only stood at the Question? part. I just don't get it.

Not so short report. )
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So my computer dies on me, I just hope that these computers decides to work with me until the end.

I had a quite awesome seats for this concert. B Block2, second row. It's the second Blocks but the Budoukan wasn't that big, so I was close anyway. I had a man slightly to the right in front of me, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see anything once he stood up, but he kept sitting through the whole show, so I had a great view. Everyone around me except the three women on my right side had FuraFura towels around their necks. As did the whole hall. I saw read towels everywhere when I looked around.
The girls next to me kept on sitting down almost the whole concert, except for the parts where Matchy was on stage. They even stood up at the MC part, but not during the con if it was something else than Matchy. Oh well.

The stage was huge, it had two sets of drums, two sets of keyboards even though they only really would've needed one, since there's only Daisuke playing the keyboard. But he changed were he was sitting when he changed groups.
There was four levels at the stage. First the middlestage, that wasn't really used that much, with the drumsets on both side, and then the keyboards. Below that was the guitarists and bassplayers level, with the bassplayers on one side and the guitarplayers on the other side. And then was the center middle stage where the main singer stood. And from that stage there were stairs going down to yet another level of.. I don't know, standing area. ^^

When the lights dimmed )

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Feb. 11th, 2009 12:22 am
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13th. Nihon Budoukan. Arena. B Block! ♥


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Ok. So I've finally gotten down to it. This will not be very detailed since it was quite a while since the con and I didn't take any notes afterwards, plus I don't know that much about Q? and FiVe, even though I want to. Ever since FuraFura I've been taking a liking to FiVe and after this concerts, also to Question? They're all a bunch of very talented guys, with a passion that shines. I'm happy that I got to go to this con!

So, at 10 o'clock on the 30th I was at Gurakudoh in search for tickets, nervous as hell, feeling like the world would end if there was none. )


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