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It's already a few days into 2010 now but I really want to go through this year a little and just, think about what have happened and stuff. So yeah. This is my 2009! :D


I started of with going to Sydney on New Years Day to visit my brother and his girlfriend. It had been a year since I saw them so it was really nice. Even if the end of 2008 had been great with friends visiting and all, I needed a break from Japan and from school and from all the money issues. So yeah, well needed vacation. It was also incredibly awesome to come from wintry Tokyo to sunny and summery Sydney.
I spent 12 days there just sightseeing with Sara, who really is the best guide ever, walking around by myself, spending time with both Sara and my brother, having lots of nice meals, getting a terrible sunburn, or two terrible sunburns and just enjoying myself. I feel in love with Sydney and was thinking about going back around now to live there for a while. It such a beautiful town and I would love to try living there for real. I also got a small crush on the guy my brother and Sara was staying with. XDDDD
Then I went back to Japan and my first day back started out nice with school going to Meiji Jingu, and also a bunch of like 30 hosts was there the same day. So lots of eyecandy and big hair. XD
The rest of January was filled with school and trying not to spend too much money. XD


We had a day in school making udon. haha. And I dyed my hair. XD And I also got to know some more people apart from Emma in the guesthouse. But first and foremost. I went to the Jrock Dream Matchy concerts in Budoukan. It was so amazing. Seeing Matchy was something special, since he's such a daisempai, but of course FuraFura was the big thing for me, as was FiVe. The both groups has such intensity when on stage that it's breathtaking and I'm so happy that I was able to go see it. I owe Caro forever for lending me the money for it. ♥
February was also a lot of Prince of Tennis. ♥
And also a lot of insomnia and loosing weight by eating very little. But those are the parts I don't really remember now. I tend to only really remember the good parts.


I wrote a whole speech in Japanese!! I'm very proud that I did write it and that it got as good as it got. I also liked my teacher for understand the feelings I described in it. The speech was about acting. XD There was a speech contest in school. My speech was not it, thank god. XD
My time in Japan was nearing it's end and Maria came to Tokyo. She's one of my best friends and I had missed her so much so it was great to see her for at least a week before I went home and she went to Fukuoka. She also dropped the news about her getting together with my little brother. Which came as a complete chock and I laughed for several minutes. XD We ate a lot of yummy food, went to Odaiba, saw a Jin look-a-like working at the Johnny's shop, or at the line to the Johnny's shop, ate even more food and just.. had a blast together. On the last day for me in Japan we went to Matsudo, me, Maria, Emma and her friend who was also visiting. We ate delicious okonomiyaki and took purikura. Me and Emma took epic PoT-puris too. XD
Then, on the 20th, it was time for me to fly back home to Sweden. I was up the whole night before packing and cleaning out my room, then me and Maria went real early to the airport. I fell asleep at some bench outside my gate and was woken up by a stewardess asking if I was going to Swiss. Which I was, I had just fallen asleep not hearing all the calls for us to go to our gates and all that. I was the last one on the plane and I fell asleep as soon as I was seated and didn't wake up until we were up in the air. So no saying goodbye to Japan. Fail. XD
Then I was back home and greeted by snow. ♥


This was the month of reconnecting with a lot of friends who I haven't really talked so much with while in Japan. It felt like we were somewhat at the same places in life again and yeah. Lots of wine. Also there was loads of fangirling over eito and Puzzle and all the love that is them. God. I miss fangirling with everyone so bad!!
The last day of April was also the day I met my to-be boyfriend. :D


I guess May was also a lot about spending time with my friends and with the boyfriend. Falling in love with all the analyzing and shit is a pain, but yeah, so worth it in the end. XD I don't really remember much about May.. One of my best friends turned 23 and yeah.. Happy times.


June started off with my birthday. :D I spent it with mum, dad and Martin (the boyfriend). Then a few days later there was food and wine and some friends. :D And then some more parties. I also got a new haircut which I loved. :D And there was picknicks with Martin and a trip to Gothenburg with the same.
And work. Work work work work work. Crazy ass schedule and yeah, work was eating my life. But I made a lot of money on it, so it's fine now. XD


There was the Hultsfred Festival. Which was a lot of rain but a lot of fun. Then more work, and some parties. XD


I worked up until the very day before I was moving I think. And there was a lot of stressing about everything I needed to pack and so on. But then I got it all done and I went up to Skinnskatteberg with my dad and my brother.
First days was fun but nervwrecking. XD Also there was some difficulties getting used to living so far from Martin. XD


The month of spending, well together with August. I burned loads of money.. I don't even want to think about it. XD And I was getting into school and really getting to know the people in my class and yeah, good times. ♥


Time for our first production. A cabaret with skits, dancing, singing and a little bit of skin. XD I sang in front of an audience for the first time in a long long time. I also had to struggle with a lot of insecurities that left me crying a lot, plus I had to go to the doctors a few time which was annoying and blah. The way we work at this school is really testing me and I need to get over so many insecurities, that was what the cabaret made me realize. That and that I love to do this so much. ♥
Also there was autumn break, which was loads of traveling for me. I went to Luleå for my first audition ever, which meant a 12 hours train ride, doing baaaaad at the group improvisation and good at the monologue, not getting on to the next stage of the audition, spending a day in Luleå, meeting a friend by accident and spending some time with her, taking the 12 hours train back home, which became about 13-14 because of delays and well yeah, utter fail and loads of money spent. Luleå was nice though. XD


Time for our monologues. The least nervwrecking thing I've done so far in school, strangely enough, since it's, you know, only me up there for 20-25 minutes. But I really did enjoy it so much. Of course I was nervous, but I found my character pretty quick and I was doing that with much more confidence than anything I've done before in that school. And yeah, it felt amazing and I want to do it again and again and again! ♥
Then I went to Stockholm for some fangirling with Emma and yet another audition. This one felt really good, but I still got a note in December telling me I didn't pass for the next audition, so yeah. >_<
I moved to another house, which was lovely, since I'm now living next door to some great people from my class, instead of that stick-up-her-ass-girl I was sharing the corridor with before. XD


Our last production for this semester, was an absurd play containing us on a huuuuuuge stage with newspapers covering the floor, vinyl gloves and condoms filled with paint hanging from the roof and yeah. Lots of great. We worked on it practically for two weeks, and maybe a week more or so finding texts and things like that. It turned out great and was so much fun to do!! There will be pictures from it here soon.
And then, there was Christmas break and I've been spending loads of time with family and friends. But most with my boyfriend I suppose. I got a lot of absolutely lovely Christmas gifts, and there was lovely food, and snow and yeeeey! I love Christmas! ♥ New Year's was spent at my house with the whole day and about five hours the day before cooking for 13 people. XDD It was a pain when I started to get stressed out, but worth it in the end because the food was super yummy. :D

For this year I don't know what's coming for me. Some of my friends at school have talked about starting a acting group after school. I don't know if that'll happen, but I'm hoping for it. I still have another school to audition for. Which I need to start thinking about.. I just.. Don't have the spark for it right now. >_< Otherwise.. I just don't know what's going to happen to me after school is over in May. We'll see about that.
What I do know is that we're gonna tour in Finland for a week in February and that I'm going to Germany to see my friends during spring break to later meet up with my class in Berlin. :D So some good times ahead. :D

I hope 2010 have some good things in stall for me. I want to develop as an actress and as a person and I want to meet interesting people and do interesting stuff.
Oh and I want to develop a sense for moneysaving. XD
I also have some resolutions. First: Quit smoking. I started again and I do want to quit. So I'm doing a cut-down in January to be completely smokefree in February. 2nd, loose some weight. I've ganed so much since coming back from Japan and eating more than one meal a day and I want to loose some of it because yeah, I look pregnant. 3rd I will only eat ecological meat from now on. That's the only way to guarantee that the meat I'm eating comes from animals that have been treated in an humane way, and also to ensure that I don't eat meat from animals that have been given crazy loads of antibiotics "just in case" and therefor have a lot of multi resistant bacterias and stuff in them. So yeah. I'll eat the vegetarian food at school and I'll only be buying ecological meat. Which is super-expensive, but since I only have to cook two days a week, I can afford it. XD

Ok. Longest post in like, forever. XD

I hope all you lovely people will have a great 2010 and that we'll be able to talk a lot more than I have been able to the last six months or so.
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