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Oh Yasu. I love you. Love love love you.
How can anyone ever say that the two of them are not completely married?
This months magazines are too much lovely! Subaru has no mustache in Potato, and in Wink Up there are absolutely lovely shots, and I will have to buy that magazine! This time around I haven't bought any mags, except for a few TV guides. It hurts. But I need to save money. But this one I just need!

I still don't know if I have won the ticket for the 13th. It bugs me. I should just mail Suzuki. But I fail at reading kanji and he will surely write loads that I don't understand. And he is always around everywhere at the guesthouse so I don't understand why I haven't seen him anywhere! The ticket for the 14th should arrive tomorrow though! ♥ Can't wait to know what seat I have!

But everything feels kind of really nice right now. I love this fandom so much. There is something special about eito fangirls. Just.. I don't know. Eito and Eighters are just made of love! ♥

And I get more and more excited about the school I found the other day. It would be so lovely if I would get in and be acting again in August. There is also a director- and writing course and a music course at the school and apparently the acting course does a lot of collaborations with those. It also seems important to try other ways of performing than just at the stage, and that is something I'd really like to do too. And there is a block were they do Commedia dell'arte which I have wanted to do ever since I first heard about it!
There seems to be four quite large productions during the year; An experimental absurd monologue performance and a collaboration with the directing and writing course, were they analyze and perform a play. These two are in the fall, then in the spring; To write and put on your own play where you chose your actors and collaborate with the music classes. And then the end production. . The writing your own play-thingie seems scary. But if there's nothing that seems scary and that I wonder if I can really pull off, then there is no reason to go to that school.
I want to go there so much!
The school is only one year old. I don't know if that's good or bad.
But oh. I so want to go! I get all excited just thinking about it! It sounds like the way of working there is really challenging and something I would grow very much as an actress doing.

I do have my back-up plan of going to Australia, but now I really want to go to that school! I'd be so disappointed if I don't get in. Hopefully the fact that it's such a new school puts some people off.
It seems like I will be living in the woods in the middle of nowhere if I get in. Quite a change from Tokyo. But I'll live. And so worth it for doing what I love.
I haven't really realized how much I actually miss acting until now. It is the best thing, that and eito, and I really want to work in the acting world in some kind of way.

Need to watch that TORN video thing from Okuras cons now. Looked very promising!

In a daze.

May. 10th, 2008 02:31 am
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Ok. I just read one of the most amazing fanfics I have ever read! I'm so in love with it. Everyone should read it. It's Subassan and it's just. I can't describe it. Just read! 

This is so amazing! araanaz9, if you see this and don't want me to link to your fic, please tell me and I'll remove this at once.

Therese is in a happy haze now. I love when something I'm reading just clings to me and won't let go and just stays with me.

This makes me able to handle things like cockraoches in my apartment and far too difficult grammar and well. Just about anything. ^^


May. 5th, 2008 10:33 pm
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I should be writing about the wonderful concert, cause I want to actually finish it. But not just right now. Tomorrow I promise!

I just have to squeel a little about the total awesomeness of Subassan! I found this communitry yesterday that I totally lovelovelovelove! At it has the mooost wonderful fics and the most just lovely everything. I've been reading a lot of translations of interviews and j-webs and what-not and I die of the total cuteness! And squeel. I just can't seem to get Subaru out of mu head these days, and those two are just the greatest couple of time and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

And I loved the response to yet another hate-meme at the Kanjani-com. Ah, fellow eighters I LOVE YOU! <3


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