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This fall has come with a lot of changes. New house, new city, new class, new oppurtunities. I deal with stress on a daily basis and it doesn't always work out that well. But I'm getting better at it, we're all getting better at it. And next week is our autumn break! :D Friday I'm going to M to have a fangirling weekend. There will be 8UPPERS of course, and then dramas, Long Vacation, Liar Game and kiswak as we call it, the korean version of it started with a kiss (tw) or itasura na kiss (jp). *____* I just can't wait. Also there might be some sushi eating? And defenitely a lot of teadrinking and popcorn eating if I know us right. XD

Then there will be a whole week of being with boyfriend. :D We haven't seen each other in a month by then, which is the longest yet, and ugh. Long distance relationships do suck sometimes. I'm comforting myself with thinking that hey, he wouldn't be happy if he lived here and I wouldn't be happy if I lived there! But sometimes I just wish the distance was just a little shorter. It does make me bitter sometimes, like when someone who's living with their partner is all T___T about being apart for the weekend. I just want to go >___< Fuck You!

Anyways, on Sunday we've been a couple for 1,5 years. Which is completely crazy. It has gone by so fast. This is my longest relationship ever, and it seems to be a lasting one. It still surprises me every now and then. XDDD

Anyways. I've been living here in Norberg since August and this really is a lovely little place. There is so much beautiful nature around here and it's full of old mines here, there used to be a huge iron industry, and there are old, waterfilled open casts everywhere.

Recently I've been on loads of walking since I use walking as a way to deal with my urges to smoke. I quit smoking just over two weeks ago, and it's going well, but sometimes I get all prickly and take walks instead of taking out on one of the poor souls I'm living with. Anyways, there are loads of beautiful sites here, and I have pics! :D

Ok, this isn't really a pic of the surroundings, but while having a cup of tea at the café I got a little friend. ♥

A walk on the unused railway. :D

Woods. :D




Waterfilled open casts. ♥



Just the other day while waiting for the bus there was such beautiful wather with an all blue sky, I needed a pic. :D

Ok. This is all I think. I really need to try to get some sleep. XD

How are all of you? :D

Oh also, I'm writing this from dreamwidth right now. Yey for crossposting! :D I got all D: about LJ being an ass and got DW too. :D So please do add me there if you have an account! I'm at dansdansdans.dreamwidth.org Ugh. I need to get some semagic-like thing for DW though.

Anyways. Sleep. :D


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