Feb. 19th, 2010

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So. I really really fail at updating. The longer it takes before a new one, the harder it is to know what to write about.

School is being busy. We have our premieres on Wednesday, and this Monday a guy in our class had to leave school and well, that made it all a bit chaotic. Lucky we are doing to plays so that a guy from the other group could be a stand-in for the one missing in ours. Today I was supposed to work really hard on learning my lines and work with my role. But I just haven't gotten around to it. When I got home from school there was the rerun och the mens free-skating from last night. And since I wasn't able to watch it due to it being at like 2.00 AM I hadn't watched it yet. I'm not too happy about Plushenko not winning, since I really really love him. But that American guy did a great job and did deserve it. We also had our Swede Adrian Schultheiss finsihing on 15th place, which is marvelous for a Swedish figure-skater. We haven't had anyone ranked like that since the 80's I think! XD So YEY!!

There's hockey on right now, Sweden - Belarus. I just started watching and we seem to have given Belarus two goals in the 3rd period. FAIL! Las Olympics we got send home because of Belarus, which shouldn't have happened, so, come oooooon Sweden!
Was it last night or the night before that our women hockeyteam lost to Canada with 13-0. That's not even close to OK! Really embarrassing.
BUT! We've gotten some medals at least. XD

In other news. OMG DVD!!!! I am so excited! I feel like I really need something like that right now. Sadly, I can't afford to buy it right now. And it hurts. I really really really want it, but I'm going to Germany to visit some friends in April and I really need to save my money for that. So, no DVD until.. I don't even know when. T____T

So, how are all of you? I miss talking to all of you.. And I'm having some problems with my LJ inbox which is my way to keep up with everyone, and for some reason some of my subscriptions (read your entrys) are not getting in there.. So if some of you haven't seen me around commenting on anything for a long time, that's probably it. I'm trying to figure it out but yeah.

YEAH! SWEDEN WON! *_______________*

Next Finland. Finland in hockey is like Norway in skiing. You do not want to lose to Finland in hockey. Really not. I'll be watching and cheering for them (I hope). XD So yeah...

uhm. Really. Too tired and damn hungry to know what to write. Fail. Talk to you all soon~


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